Windsor Half Results

To save me going through god knows how many threads could you please post your official times here, this will make it easier and faster for me to update, thanks


  • Paul

    I've e-mailed you.

  • Official 1:42:07, Chip Time 1:41:22
    Position 554th
  • Chip position 2524

    Chip time 2hrs 01m 19s

    Blast! Just missed my target. Still a PB in a race where so many PWs were recorded. (Of course, as my first time over the distance it could be nothing else).
  • And just for the record:
    Position:Gun 4129, Chip 4091

  • NN

    chip: 1:43:48
    pos: 825

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Official 1.38.54 (476th)

    although I'd rather forget it .....

  • Chip time 1hr 59 mins 32 secs
    Position 2361
    Still thrilled to bits!
  • If you must list it :(
    chip - 2:01:53 - big PW

  • Chip time 1.55.52
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    Gun time 1:50:32
    Chip time 1:45:50

    Gun pos 1152
    Chip pos 998

    Target was 1:44:59 - close but no coconut
  • 1:59:38 and very happy (first ever half marathon and goal was 2 hours!!)
  • Can we former lurkers play too?

    Gun time 2:01:31
    Chip time 1:53:12 (Oh yes!)

    Gun position 2135
    Chip position 1668
  • Old dog/Godzilla

    Gun Position 4378
    Gun time 2:45:31
    Chip Position 4349
    Chip Time 2:36:43
    Number 138

    Overtaking 29 people sounds about right - except i overtook the same people about 2500 times.

    Good running fellas (and ladies)
  • Gun pos. 2908
    Gun time 2.10.35
    Chip pos 3141
    Chip time 2.08.40
    Number 1049

    One step forward two back!
  • Ok, I am gradually getting there, keep sending the times and check what I have entered in case I muck up please!

    URWFRC Windsor Results
  • just a sec have just killed my server :)
  • ok, have telnetted into it, so should be ok again now, hopefully!!
  • I guess you are going to have to put DNF for me :(
  • Spans, have I messed up on you then? As I have you finishing in 1:40:11?? as per the results??
  • I am a lurker too
    Chip time 2h03m49s
    First Half and happy!!!
  • Time 1:38:39.
    Position 461st.

    Congrats to Drew - Mr Running Machine came 50th overall and 6th in his category!

  • oh yeah, and it was a PB. Not hard, given it was my first half marathon race...
  • Thanks to Venom and Snicks for helping me get my Pb.

    I take it you've done a 26.2 though Venom
  • NN, no you haven't mucked up whilst cheering on you lot (and feeling sorry for myself) a friend of my ran past really struggling so I ran the last mile with him to get him to the end. I was going to skip out before going over the mat but I couldn't get through the barriers so I had to finish, I didn't pick up a medal though as I definitely didn't deserve one of those! Amazingly enough I also therefore managed to hit my target time (whilst skipping 7 miles!!!).
  • BK, you're welcome. It was a pleasure running with you.

    No I haven't done a marathon. In fact I only started running in April, and Windsor was only my third race (after the Jubilee and Nike 10k's).

    But I'll be at London next spring whatever happens :-)
  • Venom, that makes your achievment even more impressive. Respect.

    I started in Feb but have had the benefit of 8 races
  • No 4252
    Chip time - 2.16.38
    Positon - 3650

    Reward for my effort - biggest blister ever!
  • No - ?
    Chip time - 1.29.54
    Position 120?

    Do I get a prize for being forumitte closest to target time 1.29.59?

    Well done every one &
    thanks for the effort your putting into this NN.
  • Chp time: 1:45:06
    I don't have a position apparently!
  • sorry, chp pos 928
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