We have been monitoring you

Mon. 6th October

'Back to Work Day'

Internet sites around the glode are being shut down to get employees back to work.

I mean you have just had 2 days off....so stop being a lazy arse!



  • <<Settles down after near heart-attack>>
  • Dagnabit

    If it wasn't for those meddling kids!
  • I am my employer so I am watching me.

  • I'm watching me too- I reckon I'm the only person daft enough to employ me...
  • I discovered that at my old job, they recorded the number of hits.

    So the answer was simple - leave it switched on all day.
  • Well if you are my employer, please give me some s*dding work to do so I don't have to spend all day trawling through these forums in order to fill my day!
  • I am the staffs employer and the Companies BIG BROTHER. Of course we keep logs of what you all get up to all day. Also we spend our days trawling through the sites you all post to to ensure that you are not making libelous statements about the IT department (and rest of the company), and are not looking for a new job.

    Well thats my excuse for spending all day logged in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Doesn't matter to me - our IT types have blocked access to pretty near all non-work-related web sites, so I can only post from home anyway!
  • How do all these people get away with (it seems) spending all day on these sites??!! I'm sure I'm gonna get a bolloxing sooner or later but unless they come up with something more constructive for me to do I'm stuffed!!

    Please, please, please has anyone got any ideas on how I can fill my day when I've got an empty in-tray?!
  • Paper clip chain?
  • Here you go, endless fun! World best is 97. Now that is bored!

  • yes Shy girl

    Open university degreee
    then you can leave the job
  • Send me you address and I can send you all my filing I haven;t done because I am on here.
  • shy girl! I'm wearing a lambswood jumper that I haven't worn since the winter and it's all bobbly. If I send it to you will you pick all the bobbles off for me?

    That'll keep ya busy ;0)
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