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  • Hope you're all doing great!! I'm driving everyone around me crazy. I have niggles so think its time to stop training, so too much time on my hands. Might sneak out later, it's hard to know whats best!

    I was wondering if anyone knew what sustenance is on offer? Not sure if I need to get a heap of gels.

    Is anyone doing any follow up races? I've got a couple of halves on in London in march then London and Edinburgh...

    Best of luck everyone!!
  • It's normal Mel to feel like that - I'm running the half so am feeling a bit more relaxed, but I have the Reading Half Marathon on 17th March as my next event.

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    Hi all;

    You should have all received emails from the weekend re: race numbers etc. Once you have this - you can register to have all of your pics uploaded directly to facebook:

    "Calling all Malta Marathon/Half marathon athletes, do not forget to register your race bib number on and have your race photos uploaded to FB automatically while you run! - it's fun and it's free."

    Andy P - Yes... turned out to be 53km :/ Feeling a tad sore today.

    @Mel - you're normal image I use this time for cross training to avoid getting too itchy. Nothing serious - just gentle swimming/cycling. Nothing that will stress or strain you but will give you the enjoyment of being active without risking injury (hopefully!)

  • Well done Emmy - 53km - awesome.

    flying out to Malta tomorrow - well excited imageimage

  • I'm flying out tonight! Good luck everyone!!
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    I'm here and it's quite nice during the day but there is a wind chill image a tad bit cold at the moment!

    I went for a run yesterday morning and it was pleasantly warm. I picked up my race pack and have just found where the pick up point was. They reminded me that it was strictly 6.30am pick up!

    Good luck everyone! I hope that you all have a great day and race!
  • Hi!! Hope you all had a great time! I struggled. Home in 3 hrs 23, one minute better than the old PB. It was tough though. Do u know if there's any presentation tonight? I thought there may have been... Maybe I dreamt it! Well I hope you all did great image
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    Yes, Mel. There was a presentation tonight for the winners just not sure where!

    I'll return to this thread tomorrow....
  • I was out shooting photos, may have some pics of you. I'd be happy to forward any originals.  Feel free to have a look: Marathon 2013

  • Just got back home - what a fantastic weekend and a superb event.  image

    I met some lovely people, had a great run, and enjoyed some welcome sunshine.  It was a bit breezy sat out on the seafront yesterday until gone 6pm, drinking beer, chilling, etc. image

    My HM time was 2:17 (by the finshing clock) so my chip time may be 2:16 or so.

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    Hi all,

    Its' great to hear that you all had a great event. Mine wasnt so great - you can read the full report either here or on the Facebook Group: Malta Marathon. The runners in the marathon had to put up with no marshals, going off course, no support or water in the last 6 miles. It wasnt really pleasant. I've noted my concerns to the RD but I'm not too sure that i'd go back there for the full marathon again.

  • Interesting sorry you had a rough run. I wasn't a huge fan, I struggled with the walkathon starting 1hr20 after the marathon, so when we came through at half way you had to avoid the walkers and the cars. Also struggled with the lack of atmosphere until the end. And it seemed super hot? Happy with the PB, but I think it'll be a once off. Glad you got your medal. It's a beautiful one!
  • So sorry you had a rough time Emmy - I had exactly the same breathing problems at last year's Reading half-marathon, only two weeks after running a full marathon.  I found I was walking after barely a mile - it was hideous.

    Well done for perservering, and good news you receieved your medal - it's a great one.

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    mel - the temperature was 'normal' but I heard from a native that it was warming up a lot quicker this year than previous years. Apparently the marathon isnt well known there. I heard so many things about the marathon before I went and was really excited.

    I'd recommend emailing the RD with your feedback as they are thinking of moving the walkathlon/half marathon to a later point in time. I think this would help you as a speedier runner. I'm really hoping that they improve the marathon for other years and runners - then at least I could understand and accept my bad experience.

    By the way - the girl that got lost: This is her comment from the marathon page:

    "Ok well that was an experience! my first dnf in a marathon and my first overseas one! that wasn't planned! Not the day that I had expected, and not necessarily one I would want to repeat in a hurry! Single female, strange country, no marshalls where expected so got lost on course, locals who didnt know how to help, no water so having to 'recycle' other bottles. No contact number for incase of emergency at race headquarters and had to ring friend to rescue me as I hsd no idea where the hell I was! On that note thank to Peter who came to my rescue. There is a lot more I have to say on this but will post in a private email. If I come back next year I need assurrance there will have been changes for the better because someone could have got hurt, or worse, yesterday!

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    Here is the BIG bling from Malta.


  • Well I am surprised at them comments. I ran the marathon and no troubles. I thought the organisation was excellent. I had a small issue with a water station where I had to snap a bottle out of one of the sealed 12 packs because they were not quick enough but apart from that I was happy with the marshalls and course. I did notice that water was a little scarce at some water stations but I had the best race ever.

    I managed 3hr 59mins 14 secs so I was more than happy. I didn't get a subway at the end but I was more interested in the water and powerade because of the heat.

    I know that the pollution from the cars was an issue. I was running behind a police motorbike for about 5 mins and the fumes were awful. It was also like this when we got to the more busier roads but hey this is Malta and I've also known Malta to be like this anyway.

    If it was on again next week I would jump at the chance and can't wait for next year.


    Maybe the organisers had not planned for the runners further down the field? I'm not sure.

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    @Andrew - My sister finished in 3.44 and had no issues (apart from the walkathon walkers taking up the entire road).

    They were not planning for the runners at the 'back of the pack' despite telling us before we inscribed that they would be open/around until the 6hr mark and not to be concerned if we didnt hit the 5 hr mark.

  • Where did you read that? I just saw the 5 hr thing in the booklet and just went with that. I got caught up with walkers and slower people on the half but it happens at every run, there's not much you can do.

    I pushed past some of the walkers and tried to make my point but you can only do so much.
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    I didnt read it - I heard it from the organisers at the Nike pick up point (i think the RD was there too but I dont know what he looks like)

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