Custom Made Orthotics


 I saw my physio today, who advised me to see a podiatrist and have some custom made orthotics.

My podiatrist has then advised me to have a biomechanic and gait assessment.

I was impressed with what he said, as it all seemed to relate to the pains i keep getting in my knee. But was not so impressed by the amount he quoted for the assessment and the orthotics (approx £500).

I have been wearing plastic insoles in my shoes from a local running shop which worked for a short while.

Just wondering whether you have any opinions - whether it is worth investing for the long run, or to keep buying insoles...?

 Thanks alot 


  • Terry

    I had problems with one knee caused by a falling arch on the opposite foot. A good osteopath sorted me out with a pair of customisable insoles for £40 plus 1/2 hrs consultantion fee. They cured the problem and have lasted nearly three years.

    Custom built ones they normally cost around £300 including assessment.

    If you live near an osteopath specialising in sports injuries it might be worth getting a second opinion.

  • Ask your GP if you can be referred to an NHS podiatrist. A sensible long sighted GP will realise that a pair of £14 insoles from them (after full gait assessment, with annual check ups) can save the NHS a fortune in the long run from knee-hip-back trouble that starts with feet. I have run three half marathons on my cheap as chips 'cobra' orthotics obtained via NHS. It pays them to keep you running as that should keep you fit

    good luck

  • Had custom made ones about 13 yrs ago.  Started to see a chiro regularly for back and knee pain who felt the orthotics weren't correct so saw a podiatrist that the chiro worked with and he felt they were incorrect too.  That said, nearly three years on and quite a few prescription changes I have to say its still on going and I find its quite difficult to find running shoes that accommodate and dont work against your orthotics these days shoes seem so hi tech.....cheesed off with it. 

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