Dave Bedford Suing 118 118

Now whether Dave Beford is doing this purely for publicity or whether he's serious it's still really funny

Dave Beford Sues 118 118 for stealing his image

What do people think?

Does he have a case?

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  • Well, they do look like him, but then they look like Steve Prefontaine too - I doubt he'll win the case, as I imagine it would mean proving that they were based on him.

    More publicity for 118 118 though! Shame it's one of the most expensive ones.
  • Aaaah - but there's two - so one might be Prefontaine, and the other one must be him !!

    Case closed M'lud. Give us the dosh !!
  • LOL but did they both wear Bedford's "distinctive red socks"?

    The case could rest on that.
  • whatever,if it's true bedford shouldn't take himself so seriously.
    i remember bedford and he really put middle distance running on the map as far as britain is concerned but a lot of younger runners(serious or otherwise)wouldn't remember him so the ads are complimentary.
    ps;quite a few of us had long hair and wore red socks in them days!!...ok i didn't run for britain.
  • I remember Bedford (just) but I don't remember the red socks.
  • I'm gonna ask what my Mum thinks as she had a massive crush on Dave Bedford.
  • Imagine - thirty years down the line the latest communications firm being advertisedx by two blonde females wearing knee length stockings and nodding their heads frantically?

    It could happen!!
  • do you think paula needs the money that badly?
    i think this is DB being DB!i do have some funny stories from atheletes(from a few years back) about him.none that i can print on here.the guy's a character!
  • I think I'm with Itfar on this one. I'm not sure he's being totally serious, although with Dave Bedford you never know.

    I've seen him dressed up as a woman too many times now to take him fully seriously ;-) and all the stuff about him claiming to have shaved his tache off after a bet with Shona Crombie Hicks.

    The man is a great character and gets people talking whatever he does!

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  • Well I'd be a bit p**d off if I was him too - it is very like him.

    Although I tried suing Coca Cola when they used that 'Diet Coke break' man in their ads. Didn't get too far with that one I'm afraid.

  • i've tried suing adidas over the david beckham ads too...didn't work..they said being asian with black hair gave it away.
  • Following Itfar's idea about Paula Radcliffe in future ads, why don't we develop a Paula Radcliffe nodding doll for the back of a car?

    I bet it would sell loads ;-)
  • I've just read Hugh Jones' excellent full page article in this month's Runners World which covers the 118 runners.

    He says:

    "the runners in question have a retro look reminiscent of the Dave Bedford era. They sport his famous socks and his trademark Zapata moustache.....

    Why on earth have the advertising execs come up with a couple of bouffant-haired buffons as chose purveyors of their message? Or why runners at all?.....

    The idea is to stimulate a response from the public every time they see a runner.....

    This tells us something about the status of running and runners. Our obscurity used to attract attention. Now running is a commonplace activity. If non runners remember the crucial number every time they happen to see a runners, then they will be remembering that number many times during a day. Runners are now accepted as a significant interest group within the population."

    So perhaps DB has a point, the agency are using the profileration of runners to subliminally remind people of the number and perhaps the whole running "industry" require compensation and not just DB?????

    Or is that going a bit too far?

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  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Joe Slow,

    Nice one !

    I've had that idea on my list of ways to make money out of running for a while now.

    I'd better get a move on. ;-)
  • PS - it really doesn't look as thought Dave Bedford is joking about this - according to The Independent he's claiming damages of up to £200,000

  • I can see his point- if i had looked like that 30 years ago, i wouldn't want to be reminded of it either.
  • Has this company based their ad on DB? Probably.

    If true, should they have ask him first? Absolutely.

    If true, is he entitled to sue them? Possibly.

    If true, should he sue them? NO!

    Come on, this is the guy who is behind the LM, one the biggest mass-participation running event in the world. The IDEA was to encourage all the couch potatoes to get out there a do a bit of exercise.

    This ad is surely not doing any harm to that idea is it? Or is Mr DB interested in such an idea only if there is something (dosh) in it for him?

    Am heading back to planet Utopia now. Or should that be Myopia?!?!
  • They wear red socks, like DB. Not many runners do or did that.

    The Prefontaine family are thinking of suing as well as the company said they based the ads on him.
  • Runner - are you from the 118 company ?

    That image is definitely based on Dave Bedford.
  • Could be an interesting case to watch this !
  • Sorry to be a thickie.

    Who is Steve Prefontaine?

  • Ahhh........

    a quick Google and

  • But even if the ads are based on David Bedford, I can't see what the basis would be suing the company. I'm not sure that there is much of a legal basis for 'owning' your image. I thought the Princess of Wales' trust had tried to trademark her image and brought cases against unlicensed manufacturers of mugs and so forth. I don't think they had much luck.

    And how could David Bedford have suffered any damages - surely he hasn't been financially affected? Maybe he's going to base his case on emotional distress, but that's a bit thin.
  • We've been discussing this in the office and we think that Tony Blair should sue Rory Bremnar for making money out of using his image.
  • Don't footballers have 'image rights' ? Pretty certain Nike couldn't get away with slapping Beckhams pic on their shirts without a big lawsuit.
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