How fast can I go?

Hello all,

Just looking for some advice if thats ok.

Basically I ran 10 miles in 1hour10mins59secs (7.06/mile) yesterday, which suprised me as it was quite quick for me. I'm currently 13st7 and carrying a bit of weight. I have read for each pound you lose you gain 2 seconds/mile. I'm aiming to get to 12st7 which should mean I'm 28 secods per mile quickier. Is this correct and does anone have any examples of when it is/isn't correct?

Also if it is correct should a HM in 1h30m be realistically achievable?

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  • I've no facts about weight lost = time gained, but on the other hand, a 1:30 HM requires 6.45-ish mile pace. If you're sensible and keep your training going, I'd say that is very achievable.
    As an aside - 2s per mile per pound isn't applicable when going from 11st to 9.5st, that doesn't make you quicker! Everyone has an optimum weight. 

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    Do the training that helps you lose that stone and there's a chance you could be 28s per mile quicker.

    Sit in front of the tv subsisting on lettuce and water until you've lost a stone and you probably won't be.

  • The obvious thing that springs to mind is that if you are carrying less weight around with you then in theory you would be quicker. However, when I train hard for a good few months I notice that I lose weight quite quickly in the beginning and then after a while I tend to gain a small amount even though I'm getting fitter. I can only attribute it to gained muscle but I definately continue to get quicker despite being marginally heavier!?

  • Gary - I'm not a scientist but I would think what happens is when you initially start training your metabolism will continue to work at the same speed as before therefore you lose weight - after training for a few months your metabolism adjusts slightly to your new exercise levels and so you stop losing weight (although as you say keep gaining muscle). If you then stop exercising you would initially then go up to a weight probably above what you were before you started running for same reason.

    I am really skinny 6ft, 10.5 stone - but when I upped miles recently I lost weight initially but this has now levelled out.

    Exercise is just like dieting really - needs to be a whole life change otherwise its a bit of a waste of time from a weight perspective. (although great fun from a pain and personal suffering perspective!!image)

  • Hello,


    Thanks for advice. I agree that your metabolism would speed up as you exercise more but as long as calorie outgoings is greater than calorie intake you'll lose weight right?

    Also me being 13st7 is still quite high whatever body shape you are (m not muscley) so going to 12st7 should be managable I'd have thought.

    What would people guess is the optimium weight for a non muscular, non skinny 6 foot 1?

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