Music whilst doing a Triathlon ?

Are there rules about listening to an mp3 player whilst doing the cycle and run phases of a Triathlon.

I find music gives me an extra boost when training, so just wondering if it's allowed?

I know it's another stupid question but perhaps I'll stick all these in my blog so others don't have to ask in future.


  • Yes the rules are that they are categorically banned.....I hope this helpedimage

  • How dodgy would it be to have triathletes listening to music and cycling ?

    I saw a bloke at the gym twang his iPhone off the treadmill tonight. Hit the belt and flew about four feet. Just run !
  • Roger, Just run.

    I only really asked because in one of the YouTube clips from the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, one of the women has headphones in as she's finishing.

    I did think it wouldn't be allowed, but I just wanted to clarify.



  • Saw a warning handed out for wearing head phones whilst racking before the event started last year
  • they are usually very strict about it in this country.......never seen anyone in a race with them

  • as a BTF ref I can categorically say they are banned in any event run under BTF rules - as they are under ITU rules.   despite that, people still try to run with them - usuaully newbies who don't know the rules - but they will get stopped and asked to remove them.  failure to do so will result in a DQ.   to be fair, the vast majority don't even try to use them as they know the rules.

    events run by other organisers such as the Abud Dhabi tri may have other rules in place that do allow them but it's unusual.  WTC ban them in IM races although I have seen people wearing them. 

  • I'm reminded of that girl at Outlaw that was using a metronome during the run, but got round the 'no headphones' rule by having beeping at her (and everyone else) through  a loudspeaker for the whole marathon.

    So a question for FB: is it the headphones that are banned, or was she breaking the rules?

  • There was also a guy at the Outlaw that had a MP3 player and speaker taped to his crossbar on the bike, it wasn't particularly loud but you could hear it 20m away? I wouldn't mind but he had terrible taste in music!!

    But I always ride with headphones in - I get tired listening to all those cars drivers beeping at me image

  • I'm sure there was a guy at Outlaw this year that had music on his bike. No headphones though, just something rigged up on his handlebars.

    I remember thinking WTF???

    Of course I could habe been delusional by that point image

  • Cross post with Rafiki image

  • BP - cross post! Your were not delusional...I was on the feed station and held his bike while he went to the little boys room! image

  • CD - under Banned Equipment the rules state:

    8.1 Any equipment that acts as an impediment to hearing or concentration is prohibited from use during an event (including transition). This includes, but is not limited to, mobile telephones (which should be switched off if stored in transition), personal stereos and MP3 players

    penalties for banned equipment is a DQ if the fault is not rectified after a warning

    the "impediment to hearing or concentration" applies not solely to the athlete concerned but also if it interferes with others

    so - technically she came under the "not limited to" wording.  similar for the guy with the bike speakers, although that's probably personal stereo.

  • Well it was certainly an impediment to my concentration, and I only passed her coming the other way.  Thanks FB.

  • thinking about the metronome thing, I'm not sure it qualifies under that rule as I guess it's no more annoying than running next to someone who has their HRM beeping away at them - that usually gets on my tits - but I've not heard of anyone being told to turn the beeper off.    I'm trying to work out what benefit a metronome would have to her - setting a rhythm is the only thing I can think of but what an odd way to do so!

  • Rustman, you couldn't use that, the mudguard doesn't match.

  • I swim with a matranome type beeper ... there was a chat about them on a US forum once .... they arnt banned (on the swim anyway) 

  • I know some foreign races are more lax. Remember tweeting with Brit Pro Tamsin Lewis over using one in one of her races abroad - might have been the run course on AdH? Possibly a Challenge event? can't remember the details but it was def allowed under the specific rules of that event.

  • I think IMNZ allowed headphones on run. And neoprene boots for swim too which surprised me even more, cos the water wasn't that cold.

  • From the Abu Dhabi Race rules

    61.  Headsets, headphones or any items which obstruct hearing such as mobile phones are not permitted during any section of the event.

    Clearly they don't police it very well! 

  • interesting if you had a word as it was gaining advantage from pacing..did you then speak to all garmin wearers and those with bike computers as well as they all help with pacing.....the same advantage............

    must make for a strange event...i feel naked without my garmin image

  • With Seren an this one ... do differnet to bike or rist computer, cadance motor etc and as i said there was a chat on a US forum last year and it was confirmed that metronome things fell into that catagory 

  • I don't have a problem with pacing aids, but I'm with FB, if they're audible to others they shouldn't be allowed.  The odd one here & there is annoying enough, imagine if everyone started using them!

  • ah - the old perennial pacing aids question.  simply you are not going to ban garmins, bike computers, or other pacing aids etc as they are an accepted part of racing these days and like many sports, technology will always be one step ahead of the rules so even if you banned them, someone will come up with another way.   as long as they don't interfere with other athletes races, or their enjoyment, or intefere with their hearing or concentration, then let them go.   

    I turned off the beep on my HRM as it was annoying me, let alone anyone else!

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