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  • I was lucky enough to race this in 70.3 in build up to IMFL 2011.  I was in cracking shape and good health back then and save for the very cold start, it was an awesome experience.  One I fear might taint having another crack at it this year (Jose Mourinho style).

    Whereabouts in Suffolk are you Punching?  I will be using the 1% hills around Ipswich as practice for the Rutland ripple.  If you're nearby, let me know if you plan any weekend bike recces to Rutland and I'll make an effort to join.

    Otherwise good luck at the Dambuster, I hope calf clears up by then.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    SP - me and Petal will see you at Dambuster then as we're racing on what feels like home turf having done the Vit 5x over the years.  I think Dermot and Plum are also racing.

    as for the Dambuster run being flatter - eh??  it's the same as the Vit except you do the dam twice before heading back to the finish.

  • FB - yeah, yeah, yeah... I know what I meant...

    See you at the Dam!


  • How hilly is the run!? Hubby has done dambuster and he told me id be fine on the run as 'its nice and flat'. Is the Vit not the same run course? ....*panic*

  • same course -  dont worry


  • There's the tiniest of bumps in the first half mile of the loop, which you suffer from twice being a two loop run circuit but in the grand scheme of things it's nothing and the rest is flat, flat, flat.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    that little climb up from the lake to the finishing straight might only be about 20m long, but believe me, on lap 2 it will feel like Everest.  I hate that little bastard climb...image

  • Any enthusiasm for a bike recce on Saturday 29 June, 13 or 20 July?

    I am roughly familiar with the route - which I presume has remained unchanged over the last few years - but would still like to remind myself what the 'ripple' feels like after 30+ miles of pedalling!

  • PRW - I'm down there anyway next week, so not sure I can be arsed to go that way again to do another ride around there before Vit. If I do, might go mid-July, but won't happen before then. BTW, I know the slightly up-flats around Ipswich well as used to be on Norwich Road but not been punching around that neck for about 8 - 9 years since another forumite dragged me south, kicking and screaming over the boarder and into Essex-shire image.

    Yeah - the bar-steward of a climb on the run. As FB says, it don't look much on the 1st run up but you swear your effing head off as you go up the second tiime! Makes the cheeseburgers all the more palatable at the end!

    Did the Little Beaver on Sunday. Tough 40 ks on the bike. Esp with that bloody cold northerly wind blowing and I keep hearing references to the lovely warm sunny weather  we apparently had - which part of the course was that on? Calf held out just to the finish. Not running again until next Saturday.

  • I've just pencilled in a trip to Rutland for 17 or 18 Aug to hit bike loop twice plus out and back run to dam.

    Nonplussed if I do this alone but company welcome if anyone else is inclined to join.

  • Boing!

    im entered again, I got a cancellation place on Monday, I couldn't resist!

  • PapermanPaperman ✭✭✭

    We're in! Relay team with the wife. I swim, she bikes, I run. Time to start cranking up the run distance - I've never done a half before....

  • Time for a list 

    Doner Kebab
    Leigh Jenkins 3
    Proven RobbieW
    Running Postie
    Suffolk Punch

    Paperman + wife

  • I have just read through the course info from the website.... does anyone know how strict they are with cut offs? I am going to need as long as possible and from what I can make out the cut offs start from the last wave which is all the females! That means the first wave of blokes have 45mins-1hr longer (cant remember which). Ladies, is this normal and does it seem fair? I had in my head that the women would be going off first or at the same time. This kind of rules out me going around with hubby unless he stands in t1 for an hour plus my swim time. 

    I had been feeling kinda positive, but not anymore!

  • I haven't had cause to test how vigilant they are in enforcing cut-offs but I suspect with the ride being on various highways, they will want to make sure cyclist have made it to the run course in accordance with the cut-offs they've agreed and set out in official info.

    If you can put aside any anguish you have about making the cut-offs and focus on the race day enthusiasm (they don't otherwise mix so well) then you'll find that extra boost of adrenaline on the day will get you around each part of the course quicker than you're likely to have forecasted.

    If you have any lingering doubts, perhaps give the organisers as shout.  They'll give you a definitive response.

  • just my opinion but if you cant get the course done in 8 hours you shouldnt be even thinking about it, i know its a bit rough that blokes get longer but it is the younger lads that get the extra time and its that wave that dont really need the extra time as a rule. its not a hard course and is a little shorter than a half ironman so 8 hours is a long cut off anyway

  • If you can average 14 mph you'll have time to spare for the run, because, as DK said, the bike is 4 miles short. 13 min miles should be enough to finish the run within three hours.



  • Ellie come on girl, you can do it, you'll have all the blokes to chick! Don't worry about something that you have no control off, instead have some faith in your abilities. Anyway the party is always at the back image

  • I never  gave the cut offs a thought last time, just got on and enjoyed it. Don't over think it though or you'll just get all negative.  get on the start line and take it as it comes

  • Going it bit tangent now, who is camping?

  • I'm booked into travel lodge

  • Where is the travel lodge?

  • 9 miles north,in Colsterworth. Only £36. image

  • We're camping the Fri night

  • I think I will stick to the tent, ( I'd don't do camping normally, but camped last year and enjoyed it!)

    does anyone fancy going for some food at the horse and jockey ( I think it's the pub in Normanton) on fri night? The food was really good last year

  • Pub food is good for us! image

  • Thanks guys... i guess i should just man up. DK you hit the nail on the head about the younger lads, surely it would make more sense to put the 50-70yr olds first (or slow women like me) if someone does have to go first as currently the first wave is the fastest on paper.... oh well we will just have to suck it and see

    . Running postie.... no chance of me chicking anyone!



    Britrisky is the bike really short by 4miles? A friend did the loop last week and clocked it at 29.7 miles which started thepanic! I was thinking i would struggle to do 60 miles  in 3hrs 50. 

    The swim cut off is not a problem, and the run gives enough time for me to walk most of  it if need be. (Hopefully not!) With time saved on the swim and Britrisky's info re the shorter bike I should be ok!

    Maybe I will head over and do the bike loop this week.

  • I will book a table at the pub but need numbers please

    running postie



  •  Vitruvian bike course is 51 ish miles. image

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