Shoulder Injury

Over the last month or two I've noticed some restricted movement in my left shoulder, so I went to the GP yesterday.

The GP thinks it's a tendon issue.  It's a bit hard to describe but the issue is between the top shoulder bone and the bone at the top of the arm (i.e., in the joint at the top of the shoulder), and when the GP pressed it, it caused some pain.  He did mention the name of the probable condition, but I didn't catch what it is (and didn't think to ask him to write it down) - any ideas what it might have been?

He has referred me to a Physio.  Any ideas what stretches/exercises the Physio may give me?

Also, the GP said that if Physio doesn't work, he mentioned the word "steroid" in conjunction with "injection".  Now, being averse to pain my ears pricked up as this sounded like it may be painful image  Are there are any views on this - positive or negative.



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