Thickened and painful toenails - bigger trainer size needed?

Hi Guys,

I've been suffering with thickened black and painful toenails for quite some time, especially my longest toe and particularly my right foot. I had my Gait analysed and apparently I over pronate and was recommend the Asiscs GT-2170 trainer, I have had two lots of these both in a size 13 UK. I'm beginning to think that I perhaps need a size (14) or half a size bigger, I wear a size 13 in normal trainers. Also the last two pairs of GT-2170 trainers i've had they have developed a hole in the lining at the front of the trainer where my toes are, in particular my longest toe again. There seems to be a little gap between my toes and the end of the trainer, not a whole thumbs width I don't think though, I'm guessing when running my feet slide forward and hit the end.

Has anyone had similar problems? The pain is getting annoying now, espcially since a recent half marathon I did on Sunday so I have decided to go to the chiropodist to get my toes looked at which I'm not looking forward to! I have suffered with ingrowing toenails before and I always dread going to the chiropodist! I'm hoping that a visit to get them sorted and some bigger trainers might help.

Any advice is appreciated.




  • Its quite often normal to get a half or a full size bigger in running trainers to allow for the expansion of hot feet!
    sounds like you might need a bit more room.

  • Thanks for the reply, thinking I will probably go a full size bigger. I have also spotted that Asics make a wide version of the GT-2170 with a wider toebox. Do you think that would help? width doesnt seem to be an issues, seems to be more that my toes are hitting the end of the trainer. Really want to get something ASAP so I don't make these toes any worse. Of course I could just take a break from running but I'm not doing that!!!

  • probably dont worry about the width then and just go for the length image

    (ooh er missus!)
    Which is your longest toe? if its the second one you're a werewolf. . . . image

  • Haha ok, it's the one next to my biggest toe so yes the second one. Think length probably better but considering going in to a running shop to get properly measured. 

  • I have had similiar issues with my toes and feet appeared to have grown! I was 5.5 and wearing 6 in running shoes but came home with 7.5s yesterday! Unfortunately change of shoe hasn't worked well for me so going back to go back to same shoe in bigger size (well updated version of same shoe!)

    If you want them asap I wouldn't worry about a specialist running shop just somewhere you can try them on. Sportsdirect usually carry Asics but understand they have a supplier problem so might not have a great deal of stock at moment. Definitely don't locally to me for womens but may be different for mens and elsewhere.

    C (Another werewolf)

  • I think the vast majority of runners go for a size up in running shoes to allow for expansion and the wear on yours would suggest thats should be your course of action.  I'm surprised actually that your shoe shop didn't advise a bigger size when they did the analysis.  (just strengthens my resolve that gait analysis isn't necessarily a good thing).

    See also what your podiatrist says about the toe nails though.  The blackness would be consistent with long term 'bruising' of the nail but the thickening may be indicative of a fungal nail infection, especially if there is hardening of the nail too.  Again though, this may well just be a reaction to long term friction against the nail. 

  • If there's a gap between your toes and the end of the trainer but when running your feet slide forward and hit the end, it sounds like as well as any possible sizing issue, you're just not lacing your shoes up tight enough. You want your foot to be held securely in the shoe, obviously not too tight but tighter than you'd lace 'normal' trainers you just use for walking in.

  • I agree with runs-with-dogs about the lacing issue.

    I see MANY people don't lace up their running shoes properly - there are extra holes on your trainers that if used correctly, form a 'lace locking system'

    . . . this means you can tighten the laces to lock your heels in the back of your trainer leaving a little extra room up front . . 



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