Heavy runners - how fast are you?

I'm fairly new to running, been training on and off for just over 6 months. Every runner I know is 3-4 stone lighter than me so it's hard to compare times - I'm 6'3", 16st7 and am curious as to what times people heavier than say 15st are getting??

My average times for 5k, 10k and 10m are 25min, 55min and 95min respectively..

How does this compare with your average heavy runner? (with a few months running under their belt) Anyone else out there?  



  • id say they are perfectly respectable times whatever your size mate, i know some very small people who would love those times.


  • At 6'3 your not that large @ 16st 7 and you dont say if thats all muscle or Fat, plenty of Rugby players are bigger 

    I am 5'9 and 10 weeks ago I was 15st 3!!. currently 14st 2 after training for Chester and Liverpool Marathons.  my Current times in training are 5k 21 mins 10k 47 mins 10 miles 1hr 22.

    Your times particularly the 5k are fine  but It appears that there is a tail off on the longer tuns and endurance is your issue not speed and I would suggest that you probably need to do more of your longer runs to build the endurance which will then reduce the times (and weight)

  • It's really interesting that you ask the muscle/fat question because I've always been told that where you carry you upper body wieght (muscle/fat) makes little difference when it comes to long distance running. I'd be interested to know how much of a part it plays and why if that's not the case? For me, it's a bit of both - I do wieght train but also like to overindulge!

    Thanks for sharing those times, very interesting and much closer to my times than my 12 stone colleagues!!

    The plan is to start upping the pace over the longer distances but I don't train enough to improve. I'm running more recently though as doing the GSR in a few weeks so I'll use this time to up my game - once I've done it I may go back to my lazy ways image


  • I'm 6'2 and around the 17st mark. In my two most recent stop, I did 5k in about an hour, and a half marathon in 3.42.58 in 33 degree heat. I have a HM at Stroud HM two weeks and I'm hoping to get under three hours. Slow and steady, run a bit, walk a bit is my style.
  • Forgot to say build wise, I'm heading to fat but when I started training six months ago, I was around 19st. There's something in this running lark lol
  • I'm 6'2 and around the 17st mark. In my two most recent stop, I did 5k in about an hour, and a half marathon in 3.42.58 in 33 degree heat. I have a HM at Stroud HM two weeks and I'm hoping to get under three hours. Slow and steady, run a bit, walk a bit is my style.
  • Steve, that's a fair bit of weight you've lost! I don't lose a pound when training, especially when I'm doing longer distances, so it surprises me that so many people do.

    No that I'm trying to lose wieght, would just be an added bonus!!

  • I'm large, so when I run I'm not popping to Tesco to buy unnecessary junk food. It's part of a plan to improve my diet and get more exercise too. I went a bit extreme after someone I didn't know made a comment about my weight. Decided then and there to start running and do an HM to prove him wrong. Just wish he'd been there when I finished. I'd have stuck two fingers up at himimage
  • I am 6 feet tall and am 16.5 stone (and it is definitely not all muscle!) I run a 10K in about 54 minutes. . I did the Birmingham Half Marathon last year in a fraction under 2 hours - which I was delighted with - but when I ran the London Marathon in April 2011 I really suffered with my knees after 12/13 miles and ended up with a disappointing 5 hours+ finishing time. That for me is the key - you can run well even if you are on the large side (although you will be able to go faster and for longer if you are less large) but the strain on your knees is very much increased. I have a place in next year's London Marathon and intend to lose at least a stone. It will make running easier (it must do) but most importantly for me it will reduce the strain on my knees. I'm going to give the 5:2 fasting diet a go..
  • Did Stroud HM on Sunday in 2.31.51. Not bad for a near 17 stone lump
  • I'm 5"10 and about 17.5st just completed my first 5k Parkrun today in 29:11 was aiming for sub 30 so well pleased!!!
  • Very decent 5k time given your height/weight, I'd be pleased too!

    Managed 1.35 for the GSR yesterday and following a recent holiday I now weigh 17st so very pleased that I managed to equal my PB regardless.

    I have to say, although the support was great in Portsmouth, it really didn't come close to Brighton (marathon) - immense in comparison.

  • AlexR,  I'm not especially heavy-  89 kg and 184 centimetres and quite lean. But I look more like a javelin thrower or a rower than an endurance runner and am much bigger than most people in my club. It's of absolutely no use to me in terms of running to have a relatively powerful upper body, and I haven't done anything (like used a gym) to gain this. 

     It obviously does matter to some extent if the mass is lean or fat, but either way, your heart and lungs aren't proportionally much larger with weight.  So it's always going to be a struggle to be a fast endurance runner if you are on the heavy side! Your energy output per mile is going to need to be higher, and the longer the event, the more that 's going to be a factor.  Look at the build of fast (elite) endurance runners and there are no exceptions whatever to the ideal build archetype.  

    It most definitely is worth running, whatever your weight, but do be realistic about what is possible in terms of pace over the longer distances. Does that make sense?  I've just done an off-road marathon and loved it. 




  • Gonna do the Parkrun again this sat, this time I'm aiming for a sub 28! I will let you know on Saturday how I get on, although this time I've got to make sure my running top is tucked in to avoid another picture of me during my sprint finish with my beer belly hanging out!!!!
  • Best of luck with that, I'm sure it will be a breeze for you! When I started running, I found that my 5k time tumbled from 30 min to 25 min very quickly. Turning 25 min into 20 min is proving to be a much hard challenge though.

    Look forward to hearing of your success.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    How do you work out if you area "heavy" runner. According to theBMI calculator I am in the overweight category even though im 5'6 and 11 stone 7 .

    I wouldn't describe myself as heavy but the government seems to think I am.
  • I wouldn't take too much stock from your BMI.

    My step-father has a BMI of 25 - if he was a couple of pounds heavier he would be classed as overweight even though to look at him, he's thin and toned.

     When I say heavy, I purely refer to how much weight you have to carry with you. If you do the maths, I weigh around 35kg more than you which is quite a lot (go to the gym and pick up the 34/36kg dumbell) Based on that logic, I think I'm fairly safe to assume that you'll propably exert less energy than me when completing a long distance run at an equal pace.

    Obviously there are loads of other factors to consider though - I think if research was undertaken to measure the effects of height, weight, age, BMI, etc, the results would be fascinating.


  • OMG.

    "I wouldn't take too much stock from your BMI."

    "When I say heavy, I purely refer to how much weight you have to carry with you. If you do the maths, I weigh around 35kg more than you which is quite a lot (go to the gym and pick up the 34/36kg dumbell) Based on that logic, I think I'm fairly safe to assume that you'll propably exert less energy than me when completing a long distance run at an equal pace. "

    BMI is an equation based on your height and weight, at 6" 3' a 34kg dumbell is going to feel comparatively light to you compared to someone who's 5" 6'. That's why BMI is good leveller. What's more at 28.8 BMI you're not really a very heavy runner, it's all relative.


  • The reason I don't think BMI is always a great indicator of how your body type affects athletic performance, is because I personally know people who have a BMI of 25 or above (overweight) but win races and look to be prime phisical specimens (no fat or excess muscle). I wasn't saying ignore your BMI, that would be nonsensical, by saying don't take "too much" stock from it, I was simply suggesting that a high number may not necessarily mean that you're not built for running (although it often does).

    I only mentioned picking up a weight because it can better put things into perspective. You seem to think I'm suggesting that me running = Millsy running + 35kg which is not the case. The only message I was tyring to relay was that more weight generally equals more energy expended, and although height defititely comes into it to some extent, there seems to be no scienfic research to suggest by how much?

    If you can direct me to any such article, or answer on a scientific or evidential basis then please do?


  • Just gonna add my two cents worth! BMI can only be accurately measured in water!
  • i t5ought that was body fat Run.that culd only be measured in water properley.....

    BMI is just a basic formula to put poeple ina rough catergory.........most people except its out dated and not acurate for athletic types...but until they find a cheap easy alternative it will be kept on using.......

    i never lose weight whilst training.even if i train over 10 hours a week.because i am greedy and overconmpensate...............i only ever lose weihg5t when keeping a food diary and watching carefully what i shove in my mouth


    enjoy the running

  • My BMI 3 months ago was 27.5, today it's 24.6, 3 months ago I was doing 8 miles @ 2 minutes a mile slower than I did 20 miles on sunday just gone. Go figure.

  • Very heavy and very slow. 10k in 1hr 15. Keeping at it. Going to attempt a half marathon in spring and will be working hard to do it in 2hr 30.
  • Ester, there's nothing wrong with 1:15 for 10k, it's not that bad. But if you wanted to improve, the easiest thing you can do, even without running more, is lose weight.

  • I did 1.15 for my first 10k three months ago and was delighted with it. Turned that into a 2.31 half marathon last Sunday in Stroud. REALLY happy with that....
  • Interesting thread....

    16stone & 5ft 10, with a 5km PB @ 25:38 and H/m @ 2:01:22

    12months ago and a similar weight PB's at 5km @ 29:48 and H/M @ 2:20:xx 

    I've been told and read somewhere that 1lb = 1-2 seconds a mile quicker... however, hard to prove because if you are training and lossing weight at the same time you can't nail down where the improvements are made from.

    My improvements above have come from my training, I've gone from 700 miles per year up to 1200miles while I trained for a marathon and then Ultra. The problem I'm finding now is how to get quicker at the shorter stuff and I am now at the point of trying to lose weight to help with it.

    Finally for me I try not to comapre myself with anyone else as I've passed people smaller than me and have been passed by people bigger than me. The great thing about running is challenging yourself and be proud of yourself know mater the time. You got of your arse and ran it, there are many who don't image 


  • Same route, same heart rate:

    16/08/2012  5.00 mi @60-70% whr 11:40m/m  189lb

     31/10/2012 5.00 mi @60-70% whr  8:59m/m  169lb

    161mins / 20lb = 8secs a mile per lb lost.

    But as you say, how much is training, how much is weightloss? One thing is certain, its soooooooooooo much easier running when you're lighter, going to slowly lose another stone.

  • First 10k run - 1.01 then running/training consistently for 6 months dropped just under 1 stone and run 10k in 52:58. Running lighter is so much easier.

    Was running to work with a fairly heavy rucksack and it felt pretty hard, then I thought it was just about carrying the equivalent of what I would have started running with. (sort of)

    Have a few races lined up for next year, so hopefully continue training and lose more weight and get faster times!

  • I'm 6"2 and 16ish stone, down from 21 stone when I started running last year.

    Current PB's are

    5k 23:34
    10k 47:56
    10M 1:19:58
    1/2 1:52:12
    30K 2:57

    I'm still improving too, I'm not really doing much speed work, but the long slow runs are improving my 10k times no end!!

  • Back on the weight loss bus, Need to get down from 16stone...

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