Gloucester 50k 2013

I've entered this as my first ever ultramarathon, against my better judgement, now that they have extended the time limit to 5 and a half hours.  Does anyone know whether I will be running by myself for a couple of hours whilst everyone else packs up and goes home, or is the ability fairly mixed?  And what about the hills - are there any??  Cheers in advance!  


  • I've only done the marathon there but no your fine, 50k stars just after the marathon but we all end up doing laps 3 for the marathon and 4 for the 50k there's always someone around so don't worry. It's a good race and well organised. You will be fine.
  • spiky i did the marathon this year at Gloucester  as my  first marathon and i really  enjoyed it. the loops mean family and friends can keep reappearing to support you and the entry numbers are nice too-not too many but not so few that you get leeft by yourselfimage there is a hill on the loops but its really not too bad.  i had thought about doing the 50k this time around but am doing thames trot 50  start of Feb. what date is Gloucester 50k? i may be tempted to come do it as well....

  • Thanks both. It's Sunday 20 January.
  • Was tempted to do ultra myself but I got Quadzilla a few weeks after so 26.2 will be far enough for me.
  • i'm doing the marathon with my friend, good luck with the ultra, i'll certainly be cheering you all on afterwards

  • Thanks, good luck to you both too.  I'm sure you will lap me at some point image The route looks good as if people do come and stand in the rain for 5 and a half hours to watch me, at least they will see me go past four times!  Something for me to look forward to as well as I slog round! 

  • That's so true, having your supporters there to cheer you on makes a massive difference. I think it's just as hard for them, especially in January - brrrrrrrrr Let's just hope it doesn't snow

  • Hi gang

    This must be about as local as it gets for me. I've done the marathon a couple of times. On the first loop you think "what was all this fuss about?" on the second you think "that hill has got steeper and longer", on the third you think "thank goodness I'm not doing the 50K".

    The organisers are safety conscious. If it's properly icy they'll cancel. Otherwise, just dress appropriately for the conditions. Long sleeves for the runners, and for the supporters, truly, every damn layer that they can wear. Usually the sun comes out and it's passable as a warm calm day.

    I think that I might even enter the marathon myself....

  • Hello all I cant see a way of contacting the race. I want to enter but live in Lincolnshire so want to leave it as long as possible (Even on the day?) so anyone have a contact e-mail /phone number

    Blisters- First of the 5 long runs for Comrades so just how steep are we talking. sorry all but for me steeper the better!!!!!


  • Hi martin, did this a few years back and unfortunately they are not that steep compared to comrades. Probably like going up one of the off ramps to the motorways along the course. But the fact you do them a few times compensates a little though...

  • Hi marty thanks for info. Unlike 2010 going to try and make all my long ones maratjon plus as have a hope of a BR but its going to be tough
  • Hope you succeed where i failed this year martin. Got within 30 minutes of a BR but was happy with knocking off 24 minutes from previous year. Think the BR is a just a step too far for me. Good luck and will follow your progress on the Comrades forum and chip in from time to time.

  • It looks like the race this weekend may be cancelled... Ive never wanted snow less!

  • I have been informed by the organisers that the Glos marathon and 50K will not be rescheduled, despite alluding to that fact when the race was 'postponed'. As yet, there is no mention on their website of this or any form of refund or discount off future BTL races. Is anyone else angry and disappointed about this or is it just me? I don't feel this should go unnoticed!

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