I understand stoptober is going to be a minority on this forum as we are all clever enough to enjoy our hobby/fitness without the silly C stick but hey.

Those of us that are still classed as smokers, and taking part in Stoptober, i thought a little thread might help motivate each other.


Im currently on day 2 and although finding im craving often, im holding it back and letting it pass. This is my 2nd proper attempt at kicking the habit, mainly for fitness and health but my place for the marathon next year made me want to quit even more.

Anyone else?


  • I gave up 14 years ago, it was a pointless affectation.
  • Ricado, how's it going?

    I gave up the burning of little sticks many years ago, but decided that as the title was stoptober I would give up eating bars of chocolate, like you mainly for health and fitness, I want to be able to do a half marathon again and current weight is too much. That is my vice, I could eat it all day long, Well I have got to today and no bars of chocolate have been eaten this week. I know that the weekend will be a challenge but if I can do 5 days then another 2 is possible.

  • How's it going Ric?

    I'm coming up to my 7th week cig free and delighting in the fact that it's my legs that determine my run length now and not my lungs.
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