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Good afternoon,

I am looking for a pair of trail shoes that are also comfortable for road running. I currently have a pair of Adidas Kanadia which are great for total off road and trails but I find them quite slippery on tarmac especially if its damp or wet.

My regular trainers are Nike Lunarglides which are great on the road but not very good in the mud.

I do a fair few multi terrain races which include about half road half grass/mud

I see some Salomon shoes say they are great for both road and trail but would like some recommendations before I part with my cash.

Thank you.


  • Asics Trail Attack 7. A trail shoe but I tend to run everywhere in mine. Quite light and roomy at the Toe end. A nice all rounder.

  • Salomon S-Lab XT Wings. I've done both road and trail int them and they feel good to me. They are expensive though. I have the 3's and the current model is the 5's but I think you can pick up 4's in most places.

  • Thanks for the advice Gary and King of Fife. I will have a look at both the Salomon and the Asics. image

  • I have brooks cascadia 7 which comfortable enough on road. 6s are available quite cheaply, but I dont think they are as highly rated.
  • Mizuno Wave Ascends

  • Thank you everyone. Decisions decisions!
  • Hi, if you normally run in Nike, I use Nike Pegasus trail shoes and they seem good on both trail and road.

  • another vote for Mizuno Wave Ascends. good grip, plus v comfortbale if you have slightly wide feet, like me. but, at the risk of stating the obvious, it all depends on fit and on your feet!

  • I have narrow feet and am a size 3! I think I am going to go to a shop and try some on. I did answer some questions in and the Mizuno Waves were recommended to me.  I think its a case of a bit of trial and error though. The Adidas Kanadia suit me fine but my calves kill for a few days after if I do more than about half a mile on tarmac  so I went back to running in my Lunarglides and slipping in the mud.

    The Salomon XR Misson are featured in this months Runners World and sound like they might do the job.

    Thanks for taking the time to offer advice everyoneimage

  • I really like the Saucony Peregrine. They have good grip and support without feeling too heavy (I usually run in minimalist shoes so find some trail shoes feel far too heavy)

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