Getting my mileage up



  • No worries, pretty slow day at work today!

    I would say anywhere between 8 - 8:30, even 8:45/mile depending on how you're feeling on they day.

    Just go by feel, if you're not feeling great there's no/very little benefit in pushing and being 10-15 seconds a mile quicker on your easy runs.

    I'd do that until it's comfortable then maybe replace one of the 8 milers with some faster stuff.

  • OK guys! Thanks for your input.

  • starting to notice a few aches and pains as i've been increasing my mileage. Still quite low compared to some of the monsters on this forum, but I was up to 23 miles last week and just this week i've noticed a slight twinge in my groin / lower abs, plus i managed to pull my back this morning on the run into work. i suspect just a muscle spasm, so i'll be relaxing this weekend, as i'm off for a short break, and hope it gives me time to recover a little. i guess minor pains are to be expected, but i'll pay attention to them unless they start to become less minor pains.

  • Can't remember ever doing a run without a minor twinge or slight pain cropping up at some point!

  • Amen to that!

  • Agent - hardly monsterlike these days image I struggle to get much beyond 40-45 miles a week on a regular basis (clue is in my profile pic). Days gone by (like 30 years) we used to do 3 runs a day totalling close to 25-30 miles a day for Tues-Fri, Sat rest then run a marathon or ultra (race or training run as a single run) on Sun and easy 5 miler on Mon. Used to log in excess of 1000km a month comfortably - needless to say cost a fortune in shoes.

    Aches, pains and niggles are all part of the fun of distance running

  • I would even say run as slow as 9 min miles some days.

    Or get a HR monitor.  Work out 75% of your max HR and stick to that pace +/- 15 secs. 


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