VLM predicted time

Just got a ballot entry for VLM 2013, much to my surprise & shock. (I did enter though image)

I can't remember what I put as my predicted time though. Does anyone know how I can find out?

Also can you move to a slower pen if you need to?


  • You could ring them maybe ?

    Moving back a pen is fine though - the marshalls let you do that - its just jumping forward a pen that they wont allow. Or it would be chaos. 


    Congratulations on the entry - you'll have a ball !

  • Have to confess I can't remember either - it was so long ago and as I hadn't been running long so I think I assumed I would be faster. I am guessing at the Expo when we pick up our numbers/bags etc that we would be told which group to go in.  It must sound flippant but I honestly didnt think I would get a place so just guessed on the spot.  But if marshalls can stop you moving forward they must know by your number? colour of number? which one you are meant to be in?

  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭

    I'm not sure whether to defer on not. This was my 4th application that I continued as I was still part of the 5 rejections & you're in option. I run 3 times a week but haven't done long distances for a while.Had a very acute prolapsed disc 18months ago that had me using a wheelchair for some weeks. Now my Achilles is playing up a bit....

    I thought maybe if I run/walk then I might just manage a 'get you round' time 

  • Your pen is written in small on your number, so yes marshals can see if you are hopping forward. 2 yrs ago I was carrying an injury on the day so I went into a slower pen to avoid being in the way and being dragged along by quicker runners.

    JJ2 - hope you manage enough fitness to get around. Most people can manage that if they are sensible from the start and mix walking in right from the beginning. Good Luck
  • JJ2.........you can decide about deferring it up to teh day before London.so just see how things go for the next few months....good luck

  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭

    Any run/walk plan suggestions? I don't really want to be counting a 5 min run/1 min walk for 26.2m. Thought more like run 1,2, or 3 mile then walk for a set time.....

  • I thought that vlm was different from say GNR, in that they mix the pens up so that they don't get a bottle neck at the end. In which case it doesn't really matter which time you put - unless you are ultra fast I suppose.
  • I phoned up and told them my running number and they told me the time I had put down.

  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭

    Maybe I'll do that then


  • Futurity - thanks for that - I had imagined it would be too much hassle to call them at the mo as they must be inundated with ballot queries but now will do-thanks.

  • Fiona.they have loads of pens and marshalls stopping people getting into the wrong pens.its hard enough to get running in the first 3 miles without mixing up all the different runners............

  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭

    I rang them to be told I had put 5 hours but I can change the pen in the 'next couple of months' but then it's fixed. Then he said that pen 6 is the slowest one & is for anyone with predicted times between 4hr45 & 10 hours!

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