SDW100 2013

Too much Stella last night and then some late night internet surfing has somehow resulted in me entered in the SDW100 in June 2013. (guess it could have been worse image)

It'll be a big jump from what I've previously done, but how hard can it be image

Anyone else entered? 



  • Oh yes... can't wait image

  • me! and I haven't done more than 50k yet image

  • touie2 wrote (see)

    me! and I haven't done more than 50k yet image

    Thanks, I feel better about it already........

  • I've entered just so that I have a confirmed place. It will then be a toss up between that and something at Avon Tyrell depending on family commitments

  • I'm in too image.


  • Pretty much done the same thing with the ULTRArace.100. Won't do the same as I done for my first ultra and keep postponing training, getting started tomorrowimage

  • I'm in again once this ultra bug gets you you just can't say no !
  • Current idea for me is from Jan 2013, once a month a long day in the hills somewhere.

    A couple of these will probably be reccying the 2nd half of the course.

    Nearer the time I'll post some details / invites if anyone is interested in joining me.

  • Me too...I live just outside Brighton so am always happy to help with that end of the course. Devils Dyke, Saddlescombe, Ditchling Beacon etc.

    My max to date is 100k so this is one step beyond for me image  If anyone is free next Sunday, there is the Jog Shop 20 'race' which although doesn't take you over very much of the SDW it is in the area and gives you a feel for the terrain and 'undulations'

  • Im in too - great race by a great organiser.

    It is fairly tough but not as hard as the NDW - I will be targetting a time on it.

  • You say not as hard, but actually SDW has a greater climb than NDW and can be more exposed to a headwind...  


  • That's true but most of the SDW roll constantly some of the climbs in the NDW especially towards the end are very long and steep. I ran checkpoints in in both races and know the race organiser and lots who have done both and most say thatthe NDW feels harder even though the accumilative elevation is less.

    Just an opinion of course!
  • DV - The beauty of the direction of the race is you are far more likely to get a tail wind. I run 75% of my training on the South Downs and the wind will nearly always be West to East.


  • Too true Fireman NDW was way harder than the SDW.

    I have resisted entering as i really must do some different events in 2013 but this is a fantastic race and i envy you all.

  • I've offered to sweep the first 50, May jog to the end would be a good training run.

  • PS66 - I swept the sports ground through to Washington this year. Its good fun and enjoyable run... I set off just before 10:00 and caught up the runners at about mile 40. So you can afford to set off a while afterwards if you want a good run. The first couple of aid stations were gone when I arrived but there were a couple of taps and there's a cafe at QECP so can fill up bottles if you need to.

  • SDW is definately more rolling rather that the sharper climbs of the NDW..I always choose to run to the West first if I am doing an out and back..especially on the prom di prom when it can be a tad blowy. image

    In one go..what is the furthest distance in training thought to be advisiable. I fully appreciate there will be differences depending on abilities and recovery rate, also in my head it is more about time on feet...but a ball park figure is always useful to me as a newbie to this distance.

    I've learnt a lot through supporting Ultras and competitors over the last few years but I am always looking to soak up any tips and advice. image

  • Dips - I think if you can manage a longest individual run of between 35 - 50 miles you will be fine. It depends how well you recover, if you take a full week or more off to recover from 50 miles then the benefits are not going to be as good as running a solid 35 miles and being able to maintain training following it.

    Obviously that is my opinion and the use of back to back runs means less need for huge individual runs, however I do think they are good for the experience of the long days out.

  • Hi WiB and thank you image

    That is pretty much what I tell my trainee marathon runners about the long run and recovery..not a lot of point killing yourself over one day with no consistancy.

  • Dips plenty of other races out there too - try one of mine next year

  • Okay, I'm not ready for the 100, but now I'm no longer going to be running a certain race in London in April, I was thinking of running SDW on the 13th - should be good training along the way to Lakeland 50.

    Queries: How well marked is SDW (e.g. compared to NDW)? Are there convenient rail stations to access SDW, or will I have to drive to places then run out-and-back, or ask my long-suffering husband to drop me off then pick me up 25+ trail miles further on some hours later?

  • Okay, I've found the stations - looks like I could split it Worthing to Falmer one day and Falmer to Eastbourne another day.

  • How's everyones training going, mines not, but plenty of time yet image


  • GF my training stopped Achilles problem wouldn't be worrying normally but I'm I the .tp100 n march does anyone have ideas how long paratenonitis takes to heal ? Haven't been able to run since beachyhead marathon 3 weeks ago. Looking forward to this again tho best race of this year for me image
  • I got myself a wee bit run-over on monday - got thrown over a car that failed to spot me crossing a roundabout - so that's kind of halted my training in its early stages. I was actually very lucky, as car and bike were pretty smashed. My left leg is pretty sore, so I guess I'll just have to wait to see what the damage is.

    Long time to heal. Thames Trot in Feb, but I'm being positive.


  • not good Tiago Wiggins - try to keep the bruising down, it will help speed up your recovery image

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