What to wear this winter

Right, just did the Bristol half and just found out I have a spot in the VLM! Super excited, but I have spent the last decade living in Sydney, Australia....not very cold. So what are the basic essential I'll need to keep me cozy till April....not bothered about getting wet and a bit cold in general (grew up on Dartmoor). But with 2 very young kids and a commute to work 90% or my running will be before work, hitting the road at 5.30am....it has been fine so far but the temperature is dropping rapidly....also I am on a budget so it is essentials really, thanks all in advance.


  • I wear a pair or running tights, a helly hansan base layer with another long sleeved top over it, light gloves and a thin hat if it is very cold - I find it is my ears that need covering rather than my head

    join us over on the 'who else gets up at stupid o'clock...?' thread for motivation on those dark cold mornings! There are a few of us early morning nutters on thereimage

  • I am north of the border so often cold. Last winter I survived with Running tights, normal running t-shirt, gloves and an old windproof jacket. If it was really cold just put a normal long sleeved t-shirt underneath.

    Had to buy a new jacket recently which I got cheap from mandmdirect. My running tights and t-shirt were cheap in Sports Direct. Aldi or Lidl have their running event on Thursday 11th October and have heard good things about their stuff.
  • DD, try startfitness.

    they have some excellent deals on long sleeve and thermals, ive ordered quite a few things from them, always fits well, and they despatch very quickly after orderingimage

  • I'd go mustard, burgundy and forest greens for the winter. Avoid pastels.

  • ronhill tracksters?

  • Cheers everyone, thanks for the advice, I will have to remember to avoid the Laura Ashley pastel tights I have hidden away image
  • I use thermal tights and a long sleeve baselayer. Thermal tights are never the cheapest but I make them last a couple of seasons. I top the whole lot with a cheap fleece (primark or wherever). I find that I get too hot with a windproof jacket unless it is minus 10! Gloves and hat are essential I think, especially in the middle of the night.
  • I tend to wear my normal full length tights but have a thermal long sleeve baselayer top and a short sleeve t-shirt over the top.

    I start off with a buff, running gloves and my Montane Marathon jacket over that but tend to ditch them all after about 20 minutes.

    Buffs are good because you can wear them as a scarf or hat and then wrap them round your wrist if you get too hot. The jacket is brilliant - it's windproof so it keeps the chill off, but very light so I don't feel like I've been wrapped in plastic. It folds up really small and has a little hand-held pouch, so it's another thing that I can take off as I warm up and carry without too much hassle. You can get one for around £30 on Amazon, I'd really recommend it!

    Oh, and get something high viz to make sure you can be seen at night!

  • I wear a UA coldgear on top, is warm enough unless I'm heading out to the Downs. Then I'll wear a wind resistant top. 3/4 leggings.

    I have to wear hat and gloves and warmer socks and make sure I have dry clothes to change into after then run. (I cycle out to where ever I'm running, don't often run from home).

  • AgentGinger wrote (see)

    I'd go mustard, burgundy and forest greens for the winter. Avoid pastels.

    This is really good advice, except that mustard doesn't suit me.

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