• Hi all,

    Daeve is it like being in a bar where most people like to put world to rights. but interesting way of getting through your runs.

    Music was suggested to me, but I think I wouldn't be able to concentrate.

    Glad your enjoying running without music.

    I thought about just adding a fresh post, but hope its okay to add it the bottom of this post Deave.

    If we like running alone, and to some extent like the isolation brings. Then why do we come here to post our ideas thoughts opinions etc? I must admit I'm enjoying all your posts and responding to them,  plus going into 3 may be 4 threads

    Perhaps, we can come and go as we wish, as some of us do when go for a run.

    I accidenttally pressed the quote key. So really there isn't a quote sorry  image

  • @sinbad113: "If we like running alone, and to some extent like the isolation brings. Then why do we come here to post our ideas thoughts opinions etc?"

    I like chocolate, but can't say I'd care to eat it 24-7! I also like alone time, but don't have a need to be completely isolated 24-7. Sometimes one needs to ask questions or discuss an issue, or generally have a chat.

    Also, with forums and emails etc. you can reply in your own time, but when you're with other people it requires a bit more organisation to get together, and attention whilst your there, so it's a bit different.

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for that, it was just athought.

  • dogsolitude_uk wrote (see)
    TBH I'd just ditch the TV. I stopped watching it years ago! If there's something I want to watch I use iPlayer or pick up a DVD box set ...

      I second this. I haven't owned a TV for six years. It is truly liberating.

  • Hi all,

    I hear you loud and clear. There is now a battle taking place, on what I should do with it now, as its  on the natural way out now. Do I or don't I get rid now? That is the question image

    Did it take a while to get used to not having it, and watch dvd or iplayer etc?


  • I have only just started running and for me it is a kind of personal discipline. I am hoping that the discipline will spill over into other areas of may life.  The running requires hard work and effort but it is always satisfying at the end of the run.

    I would not like to run with others for the moment at least, this allows me to run at may own pace without distraction or peer pressure.

    I run with music, although not loud, I concentrate a lot on myself, which part of my foot is hitting the ground, the contact with the ground, listening to my breathing, etc.  I presume that this will change with time though.

    I work away from home so I am used to being on my own, running on my own is fine, I definately don't feel isolated.  In a funny kind of way I feel more connected with nature when I run. 

    As with many of the others I have not had a TV for more than 10 years. 

  • Hi all,

    I understand where your coming from L'Ecossais, about the television thing. I'm trying a day without it, but I have the radio on, is that aloud image ?

    I also feel that peer pressure can really st someone back if they start too soon with a group. I would like to join a group run in time,, but mentally physically know I'm not there yet.

    Your thoughts about hearing each step, that I'm trying to develop, not an easy skill to learn? Your music thats also something  coming from runners, and that the isolation with running is okay, that it helps some to recharge their batteries.

    But I do totally agree with you about reconnecting with nature though.

  • Hi all,

    Giving up the tv is going to prove hard. Only lasted dayimage. But I will add its something I will keep working on. I got a lot more done, with just listenning to the rddio.

    Its strange though when I camp on my 20ft boat, I don't have any tv or radio, and I don't miss it at  all.

    I'm wondering if others like me will give it a try?


  • Hi,

    I'm quite young and never usually have the time for tv, I'll usually only watch an hour a week maybe. I'm doing GCSE's so I have revision and homework. And In my spare time 70% of it goes to running. The other 30% goes to friends. And when I am running  I have earphones in, I still clear my thoughts with music when running, I try to pick songs which relate to things I'm going through. 

  • hI ALL,

    Graigerrs, that makes perfect sense, picking music to go with your running, a few posts have said something similar.

    Its clear you love running, i'm impressed, I'm struggling to adapt and  change a lifesttyle from the pub, back to the roads.

    Friends are important to us all, I'm pretty sure your friends have got used to your running routine.

    Good luck with your GCSE's keep me informed on how

     your doing with them. I'm only on Level one  maths and english, so keep at it, I'm sure your determination will help you get where you want to be.

    I must admit, I don't do the music thing yet, I'm just trying to put one foot in front of another image

    Take care.

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