My inner soles really hurt!

I recently purchased a new pair of running trainers, and the shop assistant recommended that I also purchase a pair of inner soles, as my left foot arch is higher than my right arch according to their foot balance equipment. The 2nd time of using the trainers and inner soles I went for a 6 mile run and now my left foot kills and I can't even walk properly! Is it a case I need to wear the inner soles in or should I be taking them back to the shop where I bought them from? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks


  • try the new shoes with the inners they shoes came with, and also try the special inners in an old pair of runners, and see what happens.

    if the 1st cures the issue you have been sold a dud - go ask for your money back!  if the 2nd cures the issue, you have been sold the wrong shoes - go ask for your money back!


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