Cyclocross bike for 12 year old

My 12 year old has just managed to fit on the small Trek 2300 we were given. After half an hour fiddling, he popped in on to the 53 big ring and left me for dust!

His old MTB is getting small and he likes the road configuration. However, he would need something to stand up to the rigours of 12 year oldhood so I thought a cyclocross bike. I don't mind spending a reasonable amount for a decent bike but kids will be kids so it won't be a fortune. I don't want, " I forgot to lock it and someone nicked it". 

Suggestions for a solution? Where do the "proper" ones start pricewise and any recommendations?



  • If you got an Islabike you'd been a 700 large - but you could also go for a small adult cyclocross bike of any make.   My son (10 nearly 11) has an Isla 700 small.   

    As for how much you'll pay - Islabikes have just had a big price hike and second hand prices are strong so you are probably looking at £250 upwards for an Isla700- you might get lucky and get one cheaper.    

    If you are looking new then Islas are £500 now I think and probably similar for the cheapest adult cyclocross bikes - I'd go second hand though as you don't want a bike they'll be worried about scratching and if you save money you can spend it on bits for the bike - maybe clipless pedals if they get into it - different tyres etc. 

    I wouldn't worry too much about the bike being a little bit big for them - kids grow quickly so if it fits bang on now it'll be too small in 6 months.   Two of mine race cross and I coach our club kids so I see loads of kids on cross bikes and many race successfully on bikes that if they were adults you'd say were waaaaay too big.


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