Replacing shoes, advice needed

I have been running in a pair of Nike Air Vomero 5 (men's size 7) since Feb and just completed my first half marathon and now they are starting to show wear and tear. I have had no problems with them and I like the cushioning and support. I need to replace them but the 5s been replaced with later models which are bound to be different. I have been to two running shops now and both tried to get me to try different brands (one even suggested Nike didn't make 'proper' running shoes!!!). I cannot get on with Asics shoes and the Air Zoom Vomero 5 mens shoe has fit well even though i am an average weight female. I am a fairly neutral runner with lowish arches and I plan to increase my mileage to train for the VLM next year (if I get a place). Any advice on what I should do? I have tried gait analysis in the past and ended up with a pair of very expensive shoes that caused me nothing but pain so I am very sceptical. Any good stores in London or home counties that you can recommend that carry all brands? should I just stick with what I know works or am I missing out?


  • i'd forget brand loyalty and go to a running shoe shop and try on 3-4 pairs of different branded ones to see which are the most comfortable to run in. I've worn Nike, Brooks, Asics and Saucony, and to be honest I just pick the pair that are the most comforable on the day I go to the shop, which isn't always the direct replacement for your old shoe.

  • Go to a decent shop and have a fitting with Gait analysis etc. Could save you money and stop injuries. It's not just about comfort.

  • Thanks for the advice. Any stores you can recommend?
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