RW/Pirate London Christmas Social

Its been some time since we had a social and for the last four years we have had at least a Christmas one.

To try and make the numbers up I though combining the RW and Pirates would helpimage

So to get the ball rolling who would be interested..Possible dates

Friday 30th November (before all the office do's)

Friday 7thDecember




  • 1st December is the Pirate Social .... may preclude the 30th November for a lot of people

    I cant do the 7th December  image

  • Maybe earlier then but you guys who are going to Brizzle won't want or need another Christmas Social so I though we could have a RW/Pirate do for those of us who are in the Lodon area and Pirate that don't go to the official one. image

  • Who says we wont want another one !!

    Most years that we haven't done London as the main venue we have done an extra and there are some of us that are ambidexterous and do both ..

    Can I throw Friday 14th into the mix?    image

  • CBA

  • I might be pursuaded image


  • Can we throw Saturdays into the mix too as it's hard for me to get out of London on the train on a Friday?  Please?

  • Saturdays are fine with me image

  • *Fights way through eager crowds*

    I would be interested dates permitting.

    A day on the forum and 2/3 people showing interest, pretty poor (or more like a damning indictment of the enthusiasm on RW lately).  For fear of sounding like KKimage  WTF's with everyone, there is no soul to this place?

    Sure people come and go, some lose interest, some are more involved with triathlon but what about the 100's 1000's of people that post/read the forums every day?

    As some will know, I helped organise the support point at London Marathon for a few years, I stopped a couple of years ago in frustration at the lack of interest, apart from the hardcore of a couple of dozen that came along every year no one here seemed to gave a flying fck, yet at the same time 100's would happily accept our help never thinking it would be nice to return the favour.

    Personally it doesnt matter to me, I hardly spend much time on here, yet alone Clubhouse, it just makes me wonder..

  • Yep I know what you mean, as in the title "would anyone be interested". There used to be regular socials but they died a death. So I thought a once a year christmas one might spark a bit of enthusiasm image

  • I'm already going to the pirate social.can't afford more than oneimage

  • The problem is (IMO) that so many things get dragged off to Facebook and whilst I use FB as much as the next person and I am a member of several groups on FB but I look on the threads on there and (generally speaking) they are either the old syle darkside type threads or they are threads of people complaining how boring RW is, to my mind it is a bit of a viscious circle and somewhat self fulfilling

    That said, you can't force people to talk in specific medias and these days if you want to organise a social you need to advertise on Twitter, Facebook (numerous groups), RW (Tri & Clubhouse), Email and carrier pigeon

    I suspect things will continue to evolve tho


  • I can't get on FB at work but will put it on there when I get home.....image

  • .. and twitter and email and pigeon and dont foget the Parish Council notice board

  • I'm not sure I agree Meldy, many many people still read the threads here, there are many more people in the beginners forum etc etc. other media surely has an impact but fletch doesn't have trouble organising support at races. I occasionally post on a professional forum, it's less than 1% the size of RW. It they still manage a number of socials each year (not that I'm interested).

    I think it's something else?
  • it's called dilution

    when this forum was all brand spanking new - 10 years ago roughly - it was pretty unusual in terms of social media.. Facebook and Twitter didn't exist.  Felch wasn't there. Tripetalk was just about starting.   This place is where it started for many of us. And of course, it's why we all got to know each other at races and events - and much of that friendship carries on via here and other means but we don't necessarily need to be in each others faces all the time.

    Anyone new to running and tri now has a multitude of social media to look at - there are a number of running and tri forums, plus FB pages etc etc etc.  They won't all be coming to good old RW as they did as there was nowhere else to go.   And of course people drop by the wayside for numerous reasons - that you can't stop that either.   

    And many can't get onto social media during the day now as companies have tightened up their access to these things - back in the day IT managers had no idea what staff were logging into - they do now!  And when people get home, many can't be arsed with social media for family or other reasons so don't come here - you rarely see me on here in evenings and weekends. It's easy when I sit at a PC all day to dip in and out - at home, Twitter and FB is easier to use and post to.

    times change - accept it

  • Pretty much what I was striving to say ... Posting in haste while on the way outta the door

    I spose as well once a social date is arranged you can guarantee a few turn up who haven't 'Posted' in years!!

    Tis evolution or dilution image
  • 7th Dec is my birthday :0). It's a very special year this year. :0D
  • 60 already HC?? image

    As I have said many times, I still get a lot out if RW and I hope make a contribution now and then, what does irk me tho are those that complain that 'it's not what it used to be'

    Change it, change your view or move on ... Schimples
  • Lo Meldy X

  • What Fat Buddha said. (Especially about the spanking).

    These days if you want to chat, you go on facebook or twitter, if you want to meet up you go on, this place used to be the only option

    the doggetts socials used to be great, as were the curry nights, the picnics in hyde park, and the south west socials image image image

    if anyone organises a pub evening on a Friday or Saturday I'll probably be there

    otherwise see you at VLM!

  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    60 already HC?? image

    Hohoho.  image

    Gotta love the multimedia options.  It's like living with my mother, you have to say the same thing five times, getting louder each time. 

  • While I don't out and out disagree with what Fat Buddha said, it does rather beg the question "How do Fetch manage it?" - they've managed to keep socials and stuff going in spite of all the dilution going on.

  • because they are still 'novel'??

  • So should I not bother then if what everyone is saying is how it is....image

    or should I work abit harder to promote the social image


  • Look what you started Tommy !!

    I say go ahead ... people have already said they will play  image

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