Beyond Couch to 5K

Hiya, I will be completing the C25K program next week, and am running the Race For Life 5k tomorrow as a sort of "celebration" that I've managed to finish. 

However, I'm now wondering what to move onto regarding my weekly training plan as I definitely want to keep running, and for me having a plan or a bit of structure means I'm more likely to keep going. 

I don't want to jump straight onto training for a 10k however- I only started running recently, and feel like it would be beneficial to just generally increase my running fitness over the winter, gradually increasing distance. 

I've had a brief read of this thread which has some useful info:

But just wondered if anyone had anymore specific tips? I'm expecting to complete the 5k in 30-35mins so not particularly fast, but it's a start! I'm keen to do some Park Runs as well...

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  • Think you've answered your own questions a bit with saying about parkrun I'd give that a go and see how you find it. For a 10k plan I'd see what races are near you for motivation and work it from there after. You could if you want to give yourself a challange and start thinking about doing a half next year as well.

  • Sure I guess I do have a reasonably clear idea image.

    I was just wondering whether I should stick with training by time (as the Couch to 5k program does) ie. 30min run, 45min, 60min etc. Or switch to 2miles, 3miles... And whether I should just be looking at doing easy runs to start with until i get better, or whether I should be incoroporating speed-work ?

  • Think that's mostly up to you know that's not the best answer but there are a million and one different training guides and plans out there and a lot of them directly contradict each other. If your happy with what your doing so far I would stick to it and do easy runs Oh and for shame no such thing as a easy run by the way, Think on it could you have done what you can do before you started the 5k program? Give yourself some credit and a big image image

    Speed work is very useful but I wouldn't think to much on it unless you start ramping up distances of say 10 miles or more. The benefit it's going to give you before that sort of point will be very minor.

    If your fancing doing longer races through worth taking a look as it's good to get into the habit before you start doing the longer miles and let your body get used to it.

    If you have a club near you might be worth while saying hello and working out if they are for you. Like most things there are good and bad clubs out there and some can be a little clicky but most are great and friendly.

  • Thanks Cake image I guess it's a pretty open ended question! Ran my first 5k on Friday and finished in about 37minutes (wasn't officially timed), so am definitely proud of myself for doing that. A couple of months ago I couldn't run for 2mins straight! 

    I loved the buzz of the race, and i think it's fair to say that I'm hooked! so will definitely be looking into 10ks and longer distances eventually, but will just enjoy running for now image Going to check out the Park Run too...


  • WJHWJH ✭✭✭

    Hi Beki - definately go to one or two park runs as you have suggested. My girlfriend has taken up running this year and has taken her times down to 35 minutes now. Doing these regularly (she has done 6 or so over the last few months) has seen her time consistently go down...and is also keeping up the challenge by going to different park runs. They pretty much cater for everyone...whether it be those with elite times through to someone running/walking with their children or pet dog! Definately worth a go and you obviously get an official time too!

  • Hi WJH image Well done to your gf! It's good to know that I wouldn't be massively slow or the last one to finish if I did do the Park Run! Not that I have a big problem with that, I'm proud of my own achievements. And it does sound like a good atmosphere- I really like the idea that it's all over the country and once you've registered you can go to any of them! Great idea image

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