Is it essential to rest the day before a marathon?

I'm doing the Keilder marathon on Sunday, my 2nd marathon. The training plan I'm following says 2 mile run Friday and rest Saturday. I would rather rest Friday and do a slow parkrun on Sat, maybe jog round in 25 mins? It is parkruns 8th birthday I think and due to work I only get to do one about once a month at the most. Obviously the marathon is far more important so I have no problem dropping the parkrun if it's going to do my marathon time any damage at all.


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    I think a lot of people will have their final short, easy run the day before.  It will certainly be my plan.  Not sure what you've got planned for a carb-load strategy but I would go for a 3/4 mile bimble Saturday morning then come back and have a reasonably substantial lunch afterwards, topping up from the main carb-load the day before.

  • I assume a bimble is an easy run? lol. I'm a bit fuzzy on the carb loading strategy, just been googling it actually. Was planning onporridge for breakfast then lots of pasta and jacket potatoes on Sat, and similar Thurs Fri. And maybe some carb heavy drinks and bananas, raisins inbetween


  • Yes just take it easy on the run.
  • I would do the run Saturday not Friday - would advise against the parkrun unless you can absolutely guarantee that you will not get carried away!!!

  • I shall concentrate extra hard on NOT getting carried away. I want to do well in the marathon so that will be at the forefront of my mind.
  • Why don't you volunteer for the parkrun instead?
  • Hmmm you've tweaked my conscience, but maybe another time. I do need to volunteer though as I haven't yet.
  • Ran Newcastle parkrun, took it easy (expecting 6-7 mins slower than my PB) and even managed to resist a sprint finish. It did feel odd not running as fast as I could though. Still one more run on my way to getting a 50 shirt. And it was a record turnout My pre New Year resolution is that I will definitely volunteer once before the end of the year

    Next stop Kielder
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