Total beginner, started jogging 13th September

I am a complete beginner, 26 y/o female. I've always been a healthy weight but recently I put on a lot of weight and am now around 12lbs too heavy, although have been gradually losing, was 23lbs too heavy at the worst time.

I started doing jogging, walking, jogging over a 3km distance every other day and found that in 5/6 training sessions I could pretty much jog the whole distance. Then I got sick and missed 2 training sessions, just went for a jog and found that I am almost back to square 1! 

Is this normal? I find jogging really hard because of my build and the extra weight but I had been really getting into it. I was hoping over the next 4/5 months or so to build up to a 5km run in 25mins. Is this even possible or am I being too ambitious?

Any advice would be really appreciated.  


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have a look at the couch to 5k programs that are 6 to 8 week guides for getting up to 5k distance.  I've seen one on the cool running web site that fits the bill, but there are others available

    Once you can run 5k, you can then set a target for a time you want to achieve. 

  • I'd say that it is normal to feel like you are back at square one, in the circumstances you describe.  But you won't be.  Just go back to jog-walking, and you'll soon be back to jogging all the way.

    As for getting to a 25 minute 5km in 4-5 months...  that's quite ambitious for someone who feels that their weight/build make jogging a bit awkward.

    But it's not impossible. Different things motivate different people, but I think you should set some intermediate targets down.  You'll need to adjust (individualise) the actual numbers/dates here, but the milestones might look something like this:-

    End of October - get confidence that you can jog non-stop for six km.

    End Nov -  get to 5km in (say) 32 minutes

    Dec - 30 mins

    Jan - 28m  then re-evaluate your targets.

    Don't just stick to running 5-6 km every time though. Have some runs that are just 3km... but a bit quicker...  and throw in some slightly longer, slower runs when you feel ready.

    I think I'd wait until the new year, to build up some basic running fitness - then take stock.  Maybe in January you'll feel ready to introduce some more focussed 'speed' training that will  really help you to reduce your times.

    Enjoy the health and fitness that are just around the corner image

  • Would definitely reccommend a Couch to 5k program. You can get apps for your phone that do it i.e. tells you when to walk, when to run etc.

    I started using an app from Rundouble about this time last year and did my first 10k last Sunday and training for first HM a week on Sunday. Again I have used an app from Rundouble to do the HM training and they also do a 5k improver so you have something to follow on with once you have finished the C25k app.


  • Chack out where your nearest parkrun is, and when you can run/jog about 5k, register and take part - parkruns are very sociable, great for motivation, and you can do them as fast or slow as you like.

  • Hi Sarah,

    I started running in early August. I am 48 and have at least a stone to loose. A friend downloaded the 0-10k(Apple) in ten weeks for me. When you look at it you think that it won't work, but it really does. The key is to build up slowly and never run without a rest day inbetween.

    I did my first 10k two weeks ago. Had to walk about 1/4 of it. A bit of a hip problem  that is now going away.I am now running two shortish runs, 30 mins twice a week and then a 5-6 mileat the weekend, can now do this without stopping. In all honesty haven't lost much weight as such, 2Kilo, but clothes are getting looser especially around my middle.  Next 10k planned for the 1st December.

    So go for it. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the kind suggestions everybody.

    I've been working at it, continuing to go for a run every other day and have found that I mostly improve run on run which is really encouraging! I'm getting much more into it as time goes on.  

    Currently I can do 3km in 21:45 (it took me around 26:30 when I started), nearly jogging the whole way. Once I've got it down a little more and can jog the whole way which I'm not far off I'm going to increase the distance by half a kiliometre and see how I get on. 

    I do want to do a couch to 5k, I might download one of those apps, but i'm getting on reasonably well without at the mo. 

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