Strengthening Exercises

During the winter months, and whilst my son is having his swimming lesson, I intend to use the gym. I rarely get injured and so I'm not really looking for injury prevention exercises but would like to advice on what sessions I can do in the gym which will help me to become a better, stronger, and faster runner.

The gym doesn't have a huge amount of equipment. It has some weights, a leg curl machine, rowing machine and some other upper body equipment.

I would really appreciate some advice on what exercises I should be doing.




  • Plyometric jump squats - but you don't exactly need a gym for those.

  • If you use the search tool and look for resistance training or similar. There are loads of old threads on this subject.
  • Back squat


    Bench Press

    Chin up

    Forget machines and don't go near any exercise that attempts to 'isolate'. Heavy ass compounds re the way to less fat, more muscle and strength/power.

  • Cheers. Thanks for your replies.

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