RW London Christmas Social

I am trying to organise a Christmas Social in London.

It will be just be a few drinks in a pub in London probably on the south bank (tba)

Just a bit of back ground to this, I started using the RW forums as a beginner some 4.5 years ago.The knowledge, inthusiasm motivation and freind ship has kept me running and entering races that I would never of dreamt possible 5 years ago. I have met many people from the forums over the years and a few have become good freinds.

About a year after joining the forums I learnt that there was a regular social on the last Friday of each month. I though about how good it would be to meet people who I could talk about running without boring them to tears as I had with my family and freinds. So I went along to a social and it was great, went onn to many more but in the last year or so the socials have stopped which is a shame. So I though I would try and arrange a once a year Christmas Social.

I have put a thread in the Clubhouse section, so if you are in the SE anyone is welcome.

Thats it I just though that some of you may like to know as not everyone looks at the club House


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