Do you acknowledge other runners?



  • How many people acknowledge other shoppers as they're wandering around Waitrose?

  • i do in fact. i doff my top hat.

  • I just feel that the world is in a bad enough state without everyone being miserable/insular or ultra defensive as well, I don't go around the supermarket waving at folk, but do try to look amiable, and respond to people around me in a positive way.

    I travel in France a lot, over there it is considered to be polite to acknowledge people  as one passes them in the street.

    Unfortunately in the UK , the south in particular, people are very reserved sometimes to the point of rudness.

  • the dude abides wrote (see)

    i do in fact. i doff my top hat.



  • A woman said, "Good morning" to me as we passed in the street earlier this week.  No idea who she was or where she was going, but I was just ambling to work.  To be honest, it brightened my day somewhat, but I wouldn't have felt disheartened if she'd said nothing.

  • l run with my ipod in so l can understand why people dont say hello or ackonwledge me when im out but l always try to make eye contact and give people a nod and a smile whenever im out.

    Manners cost nothing and the girl Bex who wishes to be left alone sounds a particularly rude and unpleasant individual.

  • I run in Germany (Berlin to be precise), and I have to say I get very mixed results from acknowledging other runners.  The odd thing is that when someone walks into a doctor's waiting room it is perfectly normal to say hello to everyone in the room ... but when you're out running, its equally likely that one's acknowledgment of another's existence is met with disdain, reciprocation or avoidance.

  • I always give the respect nod, smile or say "hi" .........and thats to every runner that i past by....... no matter how fast or slow they are going. Anyone in my book that gets off their arse and gets out there deserves it!! Run Happy!     

  • I nod.

    The guys I cycle with are all cross that I always get nodded at and they get ignored. Only lycra clad cyclists tend to acknowledge others in my experience

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