Is there a league table for athletics clubs?

Hey, quite simply, is there any form of ranking tables for general athletics/running clubs, not in particular leagues but just a general ranking tables of the clubs in the UK in terms of how good they are.... a silly question perhaps but just wondered if this existed?


  • I don't think there a league table as such, although  I suppose the British Athletics League is the nearest thing for ranking clubs in terms of overall track & field.

    Just looking at road running, the National 6 and 12 stage relays are probably a very good indicator of which clubs are strongest.


  • There must be something because I read in the local press about how Derby AC are getting promoted or relegated sometimes - but I am pretty sure it's based on specific track and field meets not road running.   In fact reading what David says it must be the British Athletics League he refers to.

  • BD123, It's a great Silly Question!

    There's 4  Cross Country Leagues near us.
    The National Road Race Relays and also very important to the National selectors, as DJ39 says. An individual can put in a couple of bitchin' times, but they are irrellevant unless they get spotted. The Road Race relays are the one opportunity to compare people on the same turf.


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