Coombe 8

I was just wondering if anyone has done the Coombe 8 before. This is my first multi-terrain event so don't know what to expect. Would I need any specialist trainers and is it beneficial to do any gym work for the rough terrain and, if so, what kind of things would you recommend. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!


  • Full disclaimer: I am a Sphinx AC committee member!

    I ran it in 2009 whilst still unaffiliated. I had only been running since about August 2009 and had just done Coventry Half Marathon in the October, so I was still a very inexperienced runner when I did the Coombe 8.

    I would say that you don't need specialist trainers (certainly not spikes) but the terrain is uneven in places so you will definitely benefit from off-road/trail shoes. There are some short, sharp climbs on mud and grass/foliage, so road shoes definitely won't cut it.

    As for gym work, the main difference between plain road running and an event like this (to me, anyway) is the amount of side-to-side load placed on your legs and ankles.

    If you enjoy running then I think you'll love the Coombe 8. It was the thing that convinced me to join Sphinx AC. We are as passionate about putting on a great event for you as you are at putting in a good performance.

    Your entry fee covers your entry to the race but you also get free car parking, long-sleeved t-shirt, hot soup, water, gorgeous scenery, enthusiastic marshals, professional first-aid/paramedic. Approximately 1 in 10 runners will receive some kind of prize - random/spot prizes will be given out so you don't even need to be a category winner or top-performing athelete to win something.

    We're offering an "early-bird" discount of £2 off entries received by 21 October. You can enter online through RW or by downloading our 2012 Sphinx AC Coombe 8 entry form, filling it in and posting it off.

    We really, really hope to see you on the day as it's a "must-do" event in the region these days. I'll be there, probably doing computerised entries and results but probably snapping away with my camera too.

  • Well, thanks so much for the info. You've sold it to me! Looking forward to the race and I'm also trying to rope a few friends into doing it as well!
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