Another one hooked!

Good morning all, 

I have been hanging around looking in from the outside for a few weeks and thought I would introduce myself.

Complete beginner, overweight and bought a treadmill in July to try and loose weight.Forced myself to go on it, never enjoyed it went down to once a week at best and always found an excuse not to go on it.

Then one day, not sure why, I decided I wanted to do a triathlon. Now I want to train every day, from no real exercise since school (30 years ago) in the last 3 weeks I have done the following;

Run      3 times

Treadmill. At least 5 times.

Bike      3 times

Swim     once but going again today.

Would have done more running but injuerd myself on the first run, lesson learnt.

I ordered my new bike yesterday, there not called racers any more but road bikes, it was like Christmas as a child again, I remember waiting for my Raleigh Javelin racer many years ago.

Oh, and since I found this forum my goals have changed, the triathlon I wanted to do (VT2 Dorney sprint) is now just a part of my training to bigger  things. I have ordered my copy of "be iron fit", so you never know!

Before I posted I wanted to make sure that I could at least do basic running, cycling and swimming, now I know I can, and even in such a short time I can feel the difference, the only thing that can stop me now is myself so no excuses.

This forum is inspirational, even when you are just looking from the outside so thanks to you all, no questions yet as I think I have read all the posts!!!!!

I'll stop waffling now, just wanted to say hello.



  • Hi and welcome

    triathlon will be better for you than ust running as it should reduce the problenms of trying to run too much to soon..the other two disciplines you can build up quicker.....


  • SuperSparx wrote (see)

    Before I posted I wanted to make sure that I could at least do basic running, cycling and swimming,


    Well you're ahead of most of Seren!image

    Welcome to the madhouse SuperSparx

  • welcome mate.  lots of newbies kicking around and loads of 'seasoned racers' to give advice to us image. and all from the comfort of your living room....imageimage

  • Thanks all,

    my iron man booked arrived a few mins ago, quick look............oh s$%t.

    Off swimming soon, I think I swam 30 lengths (25m pool) with 3 stops and a mixture of fc and bs last time. I lost count at some stage so it could have been anywhere from 24 - 36 but definitely an even number.



  • image Ay up mate and welcome.


    It's written by someone off the threads and so we are biased but you might like a read of this as well.

  • Thanks Cake,

    had a quick look, ordered it, and it will be delivered tomorrow!!, now if someone can recommend a Garmin 910xt, HRM, foot thing and pedal thingy, and tell me I need it, happy days!

  • Welcome!  Ironman UK is August 4th next year image

  • Hi DTT, you mean 2014image... I hope!!

    Swam today, 30 lengths (750M) 19 mins, no rest but fc and bs. left my name at the desk and awaiting a call to book 1 2 1 lessons.




  • garmin 910xt is lovely! image, of course, you don't NEED it, but it is very useful and helps you track all your workouts, and if you like gadgets even better. If you are crazy like me, you will upload your workout to various websites (fetch, garminconnect..) no idea why I feel the need to use more than one but they each give different things....

  • Mathschick,

    reading between the lines you are saying I need one and NEED one now!!!

    That's what I thoughtimage

    I have tracked my running and riding with iPhone apps, so the thought of using the Ant+ thing looks really good. 

    I am gadget mad, this trialthlon thing could get very expensive.

  • Yes, you definitely NEED a 910 image



  • yes, you NEED one, and you will find you can so much with it, actually more than you will use!

    yeah, this triathlon thing is very expensive, and this is only the first year I have dabbled and am very slow at everything, don't have much specific kit and have still spent a small fortune...

  • I am trying to hold out as I have just ordered my bike, but I am up to page 29 of "be iron fit" and I'm reading about zones, 80%, 95%, spinning etc so I think I definatly need one.

    Mathschick, have you entered any events yet?

    Matt, have you got the 910?
  • Great shout Cake,

    Only just started reading but I think I am at a better starting point than Andy was, so definatly no excuses. Along with be Iron Fit and this book I might not get to train for a week.

    I see the pirates get a good mention, so I could be I the right place for inspiration, or even a good kick up the arse. I'm not looking forward to the 5am starts when my 30 weeks training starts!

    Still thinking 2014 for an Ironman.
  • sparx - I have done a few sprint tris this year - I am planning on a half ironman next year (outlaw half) and then hopefully full ironman the year after (most likely outlaw - I live very close!) Also thinking of an olympic distance next year, maybe the Dambuster, and possibly a few sprints, depends on dates and fitting everything in

  • Sounds like a good plan mathschick, I'm hoping to do a sprint in May and ill take from there.
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