Open Water Swimming In The Cotswolds/Gloucestershire

Hello All!
The triathlon season is pretty much over and I know that any looking to do open water swimming now is just absolute bonkers!
However I am tryin to Organise cheap open water swimming around my area, the cotswolds. I know the owner of a lake in Fairford, close to me, and I shared with him an idea to offer cheap open water swimmming for the next season.
At the moment I just want to gauge how many people would be interested in this, we would either be looking at a cheap membership per year or say £5 per session.
Here is the link for the lake in proposal:
If you would be interested please let me know - the more the merrier!!


  • Is every post you do a link back to you website?

  • swimming's already available all year round at Lake 32 at the Cotswold Water Park - and joining their tri club is £75 per annum which includes swimming so given the extra benefits of the tri club, your price doesn't stack up.  and any non-member can swim there with a member for a fiver

    try promoting your own business somewhere else

  • Wow, sorry guys!

    Not looking to upset anyone here! Just thought I would see if there is any interest. I swam at lake 32 and the cost was £10 per session without a member which I though was quite pricey as I knew the owner of this lake in fairford I figured it wouldnt harm asking.


  • Hi Craig

    No problem, it's what the forum's for.

    Be mindful of plugging another forum though please image


    Katie RW


  • Sorry ... but IMO you only post for link backs to commercial sites ... the same as you do elsewhere on other forums ... no active participation and most your posts have linkbacks with aim to improve google rankings

    If these were done by someone that was a more active contributor to the forum .. i may not be as scynical mut seeing the same trend on other forums ....

  • Fair enough mate that is a fair point

    I'll contribute more to the forums without linking back to my site. I honestly didn't mean to offend anyone however, so if that is the case I do apologise.



  • no probs mateimage

  • I use lake 32 in South Cerney.  I pay £75 per annum for 365-day access to the lake.  This enables me to swim every day until 10am and Tuesday evenings from 6pm.  In the OW season, they add Thursday evenings.  I can sign guests in for £5 a session. 

    Lake 12 has OW sessions but last I I looked they were only operating for maybe 6 weeks of the year and only on a Saturday and only for 90 mins - 2 hours at a time.

    Fairford is local to me, but you would have to come up with a fairly decent offer to get me away from Lake 32.

    PS  Lake 32 also gives me free entry to the beach image

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