VLM 2013 - anyone else still waiting to hear the ballot result?

I'm still waiting to hear from the London Marathon organisers as to whether I've been successful or not in the ballot.  I'm surprised that I've still not heard, a week after people started to get the good/bad news.  The organisers are not replying to any queries until next week.  Clearly I can just sit impatiently and wait until next week, but wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    someone else posed a similar question yesterday, so I guess there are others.

    If you didn't donate your entrance fee, you could try the payment portal to see if it recognises you.  The address was mentioned in a couple of VLM posts in the week before the magazines arrived, so shouldn't be too difficult to find.

  • Hi Tim, I am still waiting too for my magazine but a fairly quick call this morning to the VLM team on 0207 902 0200 quoting my name & date of birth soon sorted out the fact that I'm a reject image...... hey ho.... onward and upwards.


  • Seems a good idea to check, just been to my gym and speaking to a lady there, she said her son received a commiseration pack, then found he could get to payment page, he payed then checked with hq and found he was in. Ive tried,again, but still no luck!!

  • Hi guys, If anyone here has any interest in running the VLM 2013 and capable of raising £1000 for the Mayor Of Southwark's Common Good Trust, drop me a line as I have some places.

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