Over to you: Ironman events

Hello forumites,

I’m interested in getting your wise words on Ironman events. How & why did you get into this type of racing? Have you noticed more people getting on board more recently?

I’m especially interested to hear if you went from zero to ironman, missing out all the shorter distances.

It's for a potential editorial piece, so beware you may be quoted somewhere other than the forum on here!

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Katie RW



  • Hi Katie

    When you say 'Iromnan', do you mean their specific branded events or any iroman distance event?

    And wasn't something similar done for the magazine a little while ago.  I believe Garr and Flatfooted feature?



  • I will not say my story as it was covered on an article here on RW a few years ago.they followed a number of us newbies on our journey to Ironman switzerland.....

    It would be nice if they could do the same now as that was 2009...........maybe do some stories of a group attempting their first ones next year.......an article now on their plans and hopes. and then a catch up before the event and then afetr the event.....

    there are already a number who have signed up to their first ironman next year

    much more exciting to read about the newbies than the tired old hasbeens image

  • Good idea, Seren, especially as Challenge Henley is the PSOF Championships.  Or any newbie attempting Outlaw (assuming the editorial is not restricted to IM brand)

  • there a few newbies trying IMW next year the same date as Henley.....

  • Good point, m'dear.  That would be good esp as it is a beast of a course  image

  • It was all Vikings fault
  • So I could say I'd done it.


  • Iruman is well retarded durr!
  • Hello

    Ironman as in the distance rather than the brand. Could be Outlaw, any overseas, etc.

    Definitely interested in running something similar to the 2009 feature again seren nos, depends what level of feedback we get!

    This particular thread is just for a potential news piece. I'm keen to get forum members involved in the editorial on the site where possible.


    Katie RW

  • I started triathlon 11 or 12 years ago ... always with IM in mind after watching it on Trans World Sports 

    It has take me from a depressed 19st 8lb'er and a heart attacke waiting to happen to someone who feels comfortable and happy (mostly) in their own skin

    There were a few set backs on the way to my first IM which finaly took place in 2006 IMDE and since then there has been no looking back.

    No mater how hard races get, the joy of finnish, the comradery of the pirates and the smile on my wife's face, always make it worth while.

  • I'm taking on IM Lanza as my first IM next year after doing my first Olympic distance this year. Started on this Triathlon road as the result of a bet which ended "well, how hard can it be", but decided to pursue it to IM distance as the training/racing challenge is a lot more rewarding than running alone (plus you get to buy more expensive kit image)

  • It was next on the bucket list, now ticked twice and on to the next challenge, with perhaps a few more return trips

  • I wasn't pissed, but did think 'How hard can it really be?' You have to choose the right course for your own ability / commitment to do the training! I did Outlaw this year, I doubt I'll ever do IMW as I haven't got the necessary commitment to do the training!

    But I'm also considering another event next year as the 'buzz' from finishing with all that Pirate power was unbelievable!!

    The Pirate 'fraternity/atmosphere' is, without doubt, something that should be bottled and sold around the world! Awesome! Pirates rock!image
  • I'm a first timer and have entered the outlaw next year. Just wanted a different challenge. Born out of constant injuries as well, brought a bike and learnt to swim properly this year and before you know it I've entered an ironman.

    The advice from this forum has been brilliant, very supportive and informative.

    I was also in bit of a rut, entering the same races seeing the same faces etc..guess I was bored with it all.

    Now I'm really up for the training and I'm really motivated, something I haven't been for months..I've done 2 sprints and have definitely got the bug...

    So glad I took the plunge!
  • I blame Andy Holgate and the Ironman Wales 2011 promo video. The first led to "I want to do that", and the second to "and I want to do it there".

    2013 will show whether I can...
  • I have missed the startline once but intend to get there next June.   I have kind of worked my way up - novice then sprint then olympic. Might do a half IM if it fits in with training etc.


    Husband (nutter) did a novice and then entered Ironman.  (he has now done a sprint and wasn't put off so it's all good).  


    The why - found myself running twice a day and realised I needed more sports to do.  Did a few little ones - they made me laugh all the way round - figured the longer it lasts, the more fun it is.

  • Think it was a bit of a natural progression for me.  Started off with the Race for Life back in about 2001 and gradually worked my way up to IMW in 2011!  I really don't think I'd have got to IM though without this forum.

    I’ve done IMW and Outlaw now and I like all the build up and focus it takes to get you from filling in that entry form to crossing the finish line.  I signed up for IMW pissed too KK!  image Although, for me it was the only way I was going to part with that much cash...

    The whole pirate thing is awesome.  I can’t imagine doing one without all the support and friendship that comes with it.  It was so lovely meeting up with all the IMWalers at Outlaw again and then meeting a whole load more.  Fab. 

    It is quite addictive though, after Outlaw I really missed having something to focus on ... so now have Lanza to look forward too.. and erm, then Outlaw again but then I may retire ...

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)

    And wasn't something similar done for the magazine a little while ago.  I believe Garr and Flatfooted feature?


    This time last year. I always was memorable.image

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I have yet to do a triathlon but am entered for the Outlaw next year. I have always been interested in endurance events and It's always been at the back of my mind that I would like to attempt an ironman but the swimming has always put me off in the past, that and also the cost of getting set up with a road bike.

    early this Summer after seeing how my Wife's swimming had improved after she took adult improver swim lessons I also signed up to do the same, as soon as i could swim a proper front crawl then triathlons became a possibility.

    I am very much enjoying adding swimming and cycling training to the running i was doing previously, the variation means I can spend more time training without feeling I'm overdoing it.

  • I remember Garr being in the article but the other lad....nah can't remember his name, don't think he was very good anyway...would certainly never win his age group anyway.
  • First 5km race in 2010. First tri in 2011. First IM (Outlaw) in 2012.

    Outlaw was entirely the fault of some tall bloke who kept talking at me for an entire day's cyling around Surrey.

    Your feature could also include a small sideline showing what the Pirates have achieved globally (various IMs, AG champs, etc).

  • Moved up - Blimey I moved down.

    Was a hill walker/back packer. My idea of an event was the Penine Way or Coast 2 Coast and took two weeks! Then started LDWA challenge events which were 30m and 50m. Then started running parts of local walks to get home quicker once we had kids. Did a marafun, a half, a 10k, got quicker and worked my way back up.

    No injuries but switched to Tri to avoid them as I am a big boy and not a natural runner. A sprint, two halfs, an Oly and an IM with a few more sprints. Some adventure races. Can't wait to take kids on Penine Way but still only 7 and 2.

    So IM is a sprint for me. But half IM would be favoured distance as you can much harder.

    What about finding those from the original article and seeing what they are up to now. Would be more interesting than finding out that IM is the new marafun.
  • For me the ironman is the new marathon.

    I did my first marathon aged 40, and made good progress until I pulled a couple of injuries and ran out of motivation. Two years later, aged 50 or something, I met Prince Siegfreid and realised that I was much fitter than he was, so how hard could it be? The new mantra is to Complete, not Compete. So I've had to learn how to swim more than 25m, and am trying to fit biking, running and swimming into a programme that includes a family and a job with significant travelling. My first try-a-tri was late this summer. I've now entered Challenge Henley. Wife, children, parents, they all think I'm somewhere between mad, stupid and irresponsible. Meanwhile, the Pirate kit is on order.


  • I retired from playing rugby last season, so wanted something to fill the void. I have done a little running so thought that I wanted a little bit extra. I love the variety that training on the bike, swimming or running gives you.

    I have done 2 sprints and an oly this year and love the friendliness of the other people taking part and the spectators.

    I am signed up for Outlaw next year and will be doing IMWales next year too. 

  • Wow BBT two in one year!
  • Way to go Blisters! image

    Yes, you are significantly fitter and slimmer than me! See you at Henley, where I hope to be in a relay with Dusty (run) and someone who fancies doing the bike!!
  • I was planning on doing Outlaw this year then I friend said that he would do one, but only if it was Wales and I said that I would do it with him.

  • I  started with a novice distance(the whole thing took less than 20 mins)
    Then went Sprint, odd distance (longer than sprint ,shorter than standard) Standard (Olympic) and then Half Ironman that was all in 2002.

    Quit after the Half IM but came back at the tail end of the 2003 season with a sprint and a standard and then because a big group from the tri club were doing it, IM Lanzarote '04.

    I'd finished Lanzarote inside my target time and was happy with my performance at the the time

    I stopped cycling and swimming after that and just ran.

    But as the years passed I grew more and more dissatisfied my performance and felt that I hadn't really risen to the IM challenge.

    I'd had a couple of poor years where I hadn't done much of anything due to various illnesses and injuries and had gotten a little podgy, eventually a friend at work gave me the kick up the arse I needed and I entered Bala standard, rejoined the tri club and started training.  I had 12 weeks before my comeback race and the training was going well, so well I decided to have another go at the iron distance and entered the Outlaw.

    Primary target was to finish without walking on the run.

    Secondary target was go Sub 11.

    Outcome. 10:36;59 and no walking.

    When I finished I was so relieved. this had been the last thing on my "to do" list.  And although the training had gone well, I wouldn't call it fun and towards then end really lost interest and faith in my own ability

    3 months on I'm still knackered.




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