Henley Half Marathon

Hi there, not sure if this is the right place for this kind of post but does anyone have any suggestions for getting to Henley from London given that the first train doesn't get to Henley until after the race start time? I'm not super familiar with transport options, is there a bus or is my only option to spend the night in town?


  • You could take a train to High Wycombe from Marylebone instead, taken Aviva bus to Henley? Takes 32 mins to Henley.

    Alternative take train Paddington to Twyford or Reading and take a cab or bus. The issue is the branch line from Twyford runs only once an hour on Sunday as far as I know.
  • Train to Reading then a cab would be the best bet, I'd say. Cheaper than an overnight stay in Henley, unless you have friends there!

    Enjoy the hill!
  • Meaghan, I am in Slough West of London - could conisder offering a lift but that may depend on which side of London you are on- please advise. Thankfully Sunday morning traffic easy but traffic does build up for race start.

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