Run with iPhone apps or gps watch?

Just wondering what people recommend, I currently use my phone with the Nike app but.. What do you prefer?


  • Garmin watch. Or at a push, the Garmin app on the iPhone. When I first started running with an iPhone, I used the Mapmyrun app and it looked as though I was running through people's back gardens and through their houses. Over just a 2.5 mile part of a route, it was almost half a mile out.

    Looking at routes with my Garmin 410 is so much different. If I run up one side of a track and back down the other side (a difference of a couple of yards), it knows and it shows on the map on Garmin Connect. Plus i don't have to lug a phone around.

    The Garmin app is almost as accurate but not quite. Still better than any other app I've found.

  • I use Rundouble on my Android phone as it has training plans. Have had some GPS issues when on holiday in Highlands but guessing that would be same whatever!

    I would love a GPS watch but my app cost a couple of quid (probably less can't remember) whereas a GPS watch is a lot more! Also I would take my phone on a run with me anyway, app handles music aswell and gives me updates on pace.

    It won't do what a Garmin does but happy to live with its limitations.

  • According to the Nike app I ran a 24 minute 11k the other week. Approximately twice as far as I actually ran!
  • Well done, that's a fast time. Not as fast as Garmin had me going once though when they'd done an update and messed up a line of code.

    I was doing an average of 2,435mph. Although i was cycling rather than running, which could explain it.

  • I've been using Endomondo on iPhone and had no problems so far. It's been good for keeping a history of my runs. I wondered how accurate the gps is so I traced out routes on google maps and on the Endomondo website and is been accurate so far. (When you look back at your run on the website it even shows which side of the road you were on and where you crossed over!)

    I would recommend giving it a go.
  • I have a garmin 305, but also downloaded the nike app. I can never seem to get the nike app to connect so don't ever use it. I wanted to compare the two on a few runs. Personally I don't regret spending the money on a garmin. But I bought it before I had a smart phone.

  • the apps are pretty good but they are not as accurate, the difference is pretty minimal though ive found, what i would say is, the garmin is better because you have a much more "live" view of your run, see your pace/distance etc in real time, in the past ive found that a crutch as i worry too much about it rather than just relaxing into a comfortable run, but also it helped me improve my times by a huge margin, 

    also, i dont have to carry my phone with me, which is expensive if it rains hard, 

  • I've used Endmondo on my Galaxy S2 phone since taking up running back in November. I have run in 5 Parkruns, in 2 locations, and the app had been absolutely spot on with the distance. Today I ran my first 15km and the route had a lot of sharp turns and doubling back on myself (I got a bit lost lol), and when I got back to PC to see my run on a map it was mapped perfectly. I am considering a GPS watch, but I am now not so sure because of expense.

    I know the watches are easier to view when running but for me personally, I like to run without worrying about all that stuff. I just want to run, and find out later how far and fast I was. Less pressure that .way.

  • I run lo-tech, and would never be dreamed of burning ??100+ on. Gps watch. Freind of mine upgraded his and gifted me the old one. Changed my running. Don't know here I'd be without it. First thing I would replace should it break.
  • i initially ran witht the iphone and cyclemeter app, which similar to others on here had me running a far greater distance than i actually had, so after much reserching i went for the MotoActv, iv never looked back, a great piece of kit and wonderful support online post run!!!!

  • CC82CC82 ✭✭✭

    I run with my Garmin Forerunner 205 all the time.

    I had tried Endomondo on my Blackberry before but my battery was always drained by the time I finished a long run.  Absolutely love the Garmin for keeping me on track and for mapping all my training.

    Left my Garmin at home today by accident and downloaded MapMyRun for my lunchtime run - it seems to have done a fairly accurate job of tracking and mapping the run, but I was really struggling to see my current pace whilst running.  Running with my phone in my hand also didn't feel right.

    Alright as a back up but nowhere near as good as the Garmin, and if it was a "comfortable" run, not bothering about current pace etc. it would have been fine.  I love the ability to track intervals sessions on the Garmin too - I don't think that's possible on the MapMyRun app.

  • Snap! wrote (see)
    I run lo-tech, and would never be dreamed of burning 100+ quid on a Gps watch. Friend of mine upgraded his and gifted me the old one. Changed my running. Don't know here I'd be without it. First thing I would replace should it break.

    This is exactly me. Exactly!

    It makes me wonder what other "useless fancy gadgets" that I tend to shun, are also invaluable !

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