Food, hydrating, carbs, gels....

Having got some great advice from you back in far off January, suddenly my first half Marathon is this Sunday (@ Blenheim Palace). What does everyone think about nutrition on the day before, and the morning of the event? I never usuall eat breakfast, and have done pretty much all my training on an empty stomach. But should I eat something, and what about hydration? Any guidance would be great. Many thanks.


  • Stick with what you've been doing so far.  Don't start trying to eat breakfast before the race if you've done all your long runs without it.

    However, after the race, you might want to start trying eating a small breakfast a couple of hours before running, and see if it makes any difference to your running, because it might well do.

    Just don't try it all of a sudden on race day.

    Drink plenty of fluids the day before the race to make sure you're hydrated to start with.  Do what you've been doing for hydration during the race.

  • Really appreciate it, thanks - and will do. 

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