Novice Runner - Got place in London Marathon Ballot

I'd long harboured a desire to run a marathon so entered the ballot in April and unbelievably won a slot. As I hadn't run at all in over 20 years (I'm 46) I did the C25k over the summer and loved it so I've had a little preparation at least.

On a reccomendation I bough ‘Amazon Link‘ from Amazon and shall be following their 16-week program.

I lost a stone over the summer but at a shade under 15st and 6ft I have plenty more to lose so will post back with progress and weight loss over the coming months.

I'm now looking at cold winter running gear, hi-viz outer jacket etc.

Wish mne luck!


  • So are you going to "run" it or "non run" it. Isn't a non runner a walker? Are you going to walk the marathon?
  • I hope to run it, where's the joke?

  • So does a non runners guide programme tell you to run? Surely that would make you a runner? where's what joke?
  • A non-runners guide is what it says, a gude aimed at people starting from zero rather than those who run regularly already. What would you rather it be called?  

    If this is the sort of welcome I can expect here perhaps I've chosen the wrong forum.

  • Good Luck

    Remember Rome was not built in a day, follow the plan, take time out if needed and slowly but surely you will get to your goal.

  • It was only a play on words - NLR probably didn't mean anything malicious. Probably.

    Congratulations on getting in and starting off.

    It's a good race to do.

    Good luck with it !
  • Very touchy Griffog. it's almost as if you have a personal interst in that book. Just confused me a little. Perhaps beginners guide to running might have been a much better title. I thought it was teaching you how to non run. which is a bit odd.
  • Griffog -  Good luck, what are you planning to do for  training inbetween now and when the plan starts?

  • Perhaps I am being over sensitive, just seemed like an odd response to a first post. No personal interest, it was recommended to me and, finding it helpful, thought it worth a mention, nothing more.

  • Right now I'm just concentrating on building up to the stage where I can run 3miles comfotably. I can do that now, but it's hard going! I hope to be able to start the training plan proper in a couple of weeks.

  • To be fair, you can only tell how many posts you've had my hovering over your picture. I didn't immediately peg you as a new forum member, as you talked about having done the C25k, which I assumed was a running race.

    Good luck with the running.

  • My apologies, put it down to a bad day in the office.

    'C25k' is the 'Couch to 5k' program designed to get non-runners, beginners, novices, whetever you prefer to call them, running. It's an 8-week run/walk program that buiklds up to 30 mins of running.

    I haven't run for a long time because I fractured my spine in an accident and my right leg was left short by an inch and twisted. But I went through an op where my femur was re-fractured and an Ilizarov frame two years ago. Over the course of 12mths the frame is used to 'stretch' the two broken bones and new bone is grown. So my leg is now correct length again.

    With that done I could contemplate running once again.

  • Sounds tough so well done on getting started.

  • Hi Griffog, 

    Well done on getting stared and setting yourself a goal! You seem to have overcome a lot with the surgery etc.

    Have a look at the "0 to marathon in 22 weeks" thread  Booktrunk started, she's done fantastically well.

    All best with training

  • By the way Griffog, you mentioned winter running kit - Aldi will be stocking lots of running kit this Thursday (the 11th) which may be a good place to start.

    I'd put a link but may be accused of being on their marketing team! image Which I'm not!

  • Thanks Jen, I'd already spotted the Aldi thing and will be there bright and early on Thursday!  Bought some running tops from Lidl last year, they're the wicking type with mesh panels and they've been great. Hopefully the Aldi stuff will be as good,

  • found the gloves and compression stuff good but haven't tried the other bits, may give them a go this year though. They also have an mp3/ keyholder that comes in cheap so may give that a go. Keep an eye on TK Maxx for branded stuff, got a nice Under Armour winter top and Saucony running top there last week. 

  • LOL, was in TXMaxx Friday and came away with a long sleeved base layer and a New Balance t-shirt. Need some more pairs of shorts which I've ordered and an outer shell which Aldi should solve. Might get a few more tops. Hate running with too much on but haven't run through a winter before so we shall see!

  • didn't mention the handbag, scarf and dress I also got, but that's probably not for this forum!

    Like you, I don't much care for too many layers and as have only been running for about 18 months so last winter was first experience of running in cold. Was training about 40 miles per week then to prepare for VLM but I still found it suited me best to just have an outer shell as extra and definitely gloves. Tried a hat but not for me.

  • I've got a fair bit of my running stuff from Aldi, although I didn't get on with the socks that everyone raves about.

    I've also bought some things from Sports Pursuit - it's a site where everybody places their order and then SP places a bulk order at the end of the sale. Not good if you want things instantly, but I've bought some Ron Hill current range vests off there recently for half price. My OH also uses it a lot for cycling kit.

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