Is bipolar medication affecting your training?

Hi. First post for me. I'm a 31yo male sub 40 min 10k runner. Healthy apart from recently having been diagnosed with bipolar. I would like to know if anyone else out there has had any adverse effects (training and fitness wise) from taking medication for bipolar. I've started taking abilify, 10mg every morning and one of the side effects ins a tightness in my chest. Not anything that bothers me outside of training but has caused me to stop short a few sessions. Any advice on how to manage this problem would be appreciated. Thanks David.


  • Hi David, consider yourself lucky :) I'm a 31 year old female - also sub 40min 10k, but due to the meds I'm on I now battle to finish 4k without walking - respiridone keeps me sane to a degree. I'm in the process of deciding whether to try Lithium instead.

    I think in your case - is that the lowest possible dose you can safely be on? Side effects generally decrease with lower dose. Also timing of your meds can make a big difference - check the half life of Abilify, and then do your training once you're at the tail end of it's half life (I take my meds at night and find (although I'm very much plodding), that if I jog in the morning it's a lot more difficult than if I go out just before my next dose is due)).

    Keen to hear how you go!
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