Too many half marathons?

My wife and I are doing the Brighton Marathon next April.  We've a few events lined up for next year, partly as a build up.  We're doing a half marathon in Morrocco at the end of January, the Brighton half on the 17th February and probably the Cranleigh 21 which should occur near the end of March.  

Would it be too much to do the Bath half marathon too, which would be on a couple of weeks after the Brighton half?  I really fancy it- would be a nice long weekend for wifey and I.  We could go for a boat ride, spend a day at a spa (maybe a post race massage), etc.  

Would doing the Bath event be too much?  My wife thinks we might be doing too many short (relative to Marathon training) runs at that stage.  I half agree, but also think it might be good tempo training.  Ok, I admit it, I really fancy the spa day image





  • It depends on the mileage you are used to doing in training.  I run 10 miles pretty hard, then maybe two or three days later, i am doing an 8 miler. I have ran two half marathons within two weeks, and usually run a half marathon about every 6 weeks. Nothing is impossible, so pushing yourself, for an amateur runner i would say yes, thats too much, but it sounds like you guys are far from amateur and know your stuff.

    Bottom line. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think your wife's right, I'm not sure of the exact date for Brighton but it looks like the weekend of Bath will fall roundabout the time of your longest runs before taper?
  • I think it sounds too much. But do you have a training plan in place ?

    Have you got your 20 milers in place ? How many and where are they ?

    If you've got five or more scheduled in with a decent gap in between and still space to taper then you can go for it but I know that properly racing a half leaves me needing a few days rest.
  • Ok.  Thanks for your input guys.

  • Why not do the 1/2 with a 3 mile warm up and a 3 mile cool down? Long run doneimage, weekend away doneimage

  • What do you think about the 17 or 21 mile version of this instead?

  • I would say go for it.I usually run a half/marathon every two or three weeks and have done for last 4 years. Bath is brilliant half and lovely city and I would not miss it

  • Going in another direction with this now... am looking to do long distance events as part of the build up in the final weeks before Brighton (mid April).  We're looking at the Surrey Spitfire and the Cranleigh 21 (same day as Breakfast Run at Kingston, unfortunately). 

    Any others in the Surrey-ish area that you would recommend? 

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