running half marathon for charity - is it ok to go door to door?

Hi, I will be running the Cardiff Half Marathon next sunday on behalf of the National Deaf Childrens Society. I am lucky enough to work in my local village shop and have a lovely boss who has allowed me to put a sponsor ship form right by the til in work. However a few people have said to me I should go door to door and ask, just in my village. I have done this before years ago when I had all my long blond hair completly shaved off for red nose day but worry now that door to door isnt the done thing - although we always have the local kids knocking the door for sponsorship for various things. Any thoughts on this? I don't want to get in trouble and also don't like to feel I am hounding people in their home but would like to raise as much money as possible. 


  • I would be irritated, and NDCS would then be knocked off my "charities what I support" list.  You'll also need a permit to do this unless NCDS has an exemption as part of a national door-stepping campaign.

  • Not a fan of "In your face" sponsorship requests.

    A guy at work was running London and sent out his "Just giving" email links, which was fine, and although my general rule is I don't sponsor people for running, bearing in mind I know 100s,. I may have sponsored him.

    However, for some reason, he then started getting in my face, harrassing me, trying to get others in the office to bully me into it, so I decided there and then nothing would make me sponsor this guy.

    Although, clearly you're not going in for the hard sell, surely the sign in your village shop, combined with emailing everyone under the sun on blind copy with a link for the just giving page you can easily set up would be better? Also if you're on fb, or twitter, advertise the link there.

    Then you're giving people the option rather than making them feel uncomfortable.

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    I don't know your village, and you may end up raising more money with this approach, but I wouldn't take this approach out of principle, as I think there's an element of pressure/emotional blackmail about one-on-one approaches to relative/complete strangers that I'd prefer not to be subjected to myself.

  • I would probably give you any change I had in my pocket but I wouldn't want to fill a form in . How bigs your village? Perhaps people might think you we're overdoing it if you've already got a form up in the shop
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    Intermanaut wrote (see)

    I would be irritated, and NDCS would then be knocked off my "charities what I support" list.  

    I think that's a bit harsh though.  I'd give the charity the benefit of the doubt, since there's a difference between an individual fundraising off their own back and, say, a representative of NDCS phoning up and asking for money.

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    Are the charity forcing you to raise over a specific amount? If so how far off the total are you?

    I would hate it if people started calling door to door on my street for every different race / event that was around. You might end up making a lot more enemies than friends. Sorry if I sound miserable but that is my opinion.
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    I'd be happy to put some money into a charity tin but personally don't like people coming door to door. 

  • Legally you have to have a licence granted to you from the charity.  I also think that cold calling is out of order and I would never give money on my doorstep.  I'd also blacklist the charity. I used to work for a charity and am very sensitive to the laws that we had to follow and how some charities chose to ignore (or are unaware) of them.  Not following the law gives all charities a bad name and makes collecting more difficult for everyone.

    However, if people have invited you around then there is no harm in collecting that way (Thinking of those who have said in the shop, oh, I don't have enough cash on me now, but could give you some money later).  You could also cold call on your mates, and I would have no problem with someone I knew who lived locally asking me for money.

  • Ok, thanks for all your responses - they all seem to agree on the same thing so will take all your advice on board and NOT do door to pointed out raising money in the shop and online through facebook ect will be a great no pressure way to do it as the last thing I want to do is irritate and force people into giving me money - after all its my choice to run for charity - it wouldn't be thier choice if I was on thier doorstep asking.

    Just wanted some general advise and also to know where I would stand legally as I think a lot of people wouldn't mind but it would only take one person to take offense and cause trouble for me and or the charity to undo all the hard work.

    I don't have to raise a minimum amount so any money I raise will be a big help.

    Thanks for all your responses image

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