theres just a week left until the Cardiff Half Marathon (my 1s) and I am suffering with what I think is Runners Knee. Its fine when I run, just afterwards its painful and I find stairs and bending difficult. I was thinking this could be due to me always running on the right side of the road where it tapers off and is uneven as its only my right knee. From googing and a bit of checking out my runkeeper app I also noticed that at approx 450 miles - my trainers are in need of replacing too but its too late to do this now before next week.

I am way behind with the training plan but know I can run about 10.5 miles in 2hours so hoping the cheers and support and determination on the day will help me along the last 2 miles or so.

I'm not not going to run as can't get refunds on race place and hotel ect plus running for charity means lots of people have sponsored me and I don't want to let the NDCS down.

What I am asking for is advise on what to do this week. I know I should be tapering off but I am itching to run and don't want to lost the fitness I have spent months building up to and after 2 days rest my knee is now fine after being supported and iced. So do I carrying on running? Maybe Cross train or cycle until the big day? Please help!


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    Have you seen a phisio about it. I wouldn't like to reccomend too much until you have had an expert look into it.

    Have you chatted to the charity and explained your situation? They must have these sorts of things happen very often.
  • You should seriously consider not running, do another race once you've recovered. You shouldn't feel you have to do this specific race. Some hotels will give you a refund if you cancel, so check the small print.

    If you do decide to run, I'd suggest:

    • see a physio, follow the advice they give you
    • if you can still get hold of the same model of shoe then a new pair of those should be better than the worn ones
    • take it slow on the day, consider using a run/walk strategy


  • If you do run it, which probably wouldn't be very sensible without seeking professional advise first...then at the first sign of discomfort in the knee - STOP and pull out.  If you can't easily pull out, it might be a bit risky doing the run.

    If you push through any pain, like I once did when I first started running, then be prepared to say Goodbye to running for at least 3-6 months...and perhaps longer if you don't get advise / treatment from a Physio.

  • If you do decide to do it (obv you shouldn't, but just in case) don't run this week. You will not lose fitness over one week, and a longest run of 10ish miles is OK for running a half. There is no training that will make a positive difference this close so if you carry on running there is no benefit at all.

    Rest your knee for a day or so, go swimming instead, and maybe try a short run of a couple or three miles two days before to see how your knee is.

    I like Tom77's advice too.

  • hi, just wanted to say thanks for the replies.

    I did run it after resting for the week and did it in 2.36.22 which isn't bad for a first attempt. The knee was fine until about mile 8 when I took a painkiller and I did stop a couple of times just to do a few knee lifts to ease the tension and that helped! Also wore a kinesio knee support. Lots of ice and compression and now 2 days later my knee is fine again.

    I went to a running shop and had my gair analyised and it seems my shoes weren't supportive enough which cause my ankles and knees to bow out. Have got a great pair of nike support shoes now but will be having a week off from running and ease back into it gently.

    I couldn't of  not done the race as I have put so much into the training and knew I would walk if I had to but as it happened I only walked for maybe a couple of minutes. Thank you for your advice


  • I found this thread late, but I had similar issues leading up to my first HM last week (Great Eastern Run in Peterborough). I was reluctant to back out, since I'd been training a lot and was very motivated, but was worried about causing more damage.

    In the end I tapered more than I planned in the last fortnight, and did lots of swimming and core exercises instead of running.

    I was fine on the day, but the 1 hour drive made my knee hurt again. In the end I stopped feeling any ache in my knee after a few miles and ran the whole thing. My knee hasn't hurt much this week, though that may be because my thighs are hurting so much I'm not noticing any knee pain!

    I'll now take it slow and concentrate on running without pain, before I attempt another HM next spring.

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