Reaper Extreme Cross Country 5.5

I am interested in this event but am concerned re the level of fitness needed, I am comfortable at running 5k but find 10k a lot harder, can anyone reassure me?

I am at average fitness, not overweight or too old etx.



  • £35 for a 9k cross country run?!!!!


    Count me out.

    You could get a year's membership and several free cross country races for that at most clubs. (Three years at our club)

  • Corporate money spinner event. Loads of good XC about that as JA said are free or cheap.

    How about this one: Welcombe Wobbler

    Same day, same county; this one organised by a running club so will be friendly well organised and it's £10


  • Looks like a good one, Piers. And only £8 for affiliated club runners.


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