Running in the cold

I have a low dose inhaler for asthma which doesn't generally cause me any problems a until the weather gets cold. I've run a few early mornings and its getting chillier. As I walk my 5 minute warm up I become congested and my nose gets blocked. I don't have a means of blowing my nose or clearing this as it gets quite bad and moves to my chest. By this stage I am full of crap and have problems trying to breath as I'm either trying to clear my nose or clear phlegm off my chest. This only happens at the start of my run as once I have warmed through and cleared all the crap I can continue ok. I've tried to add layers such as a compression too and a jacket to warm myself up but that's not doing a very effective job. I use my inhalers before my run but that seems to make no difference either. Anyone else experience this and have any ideas of how I may overcome this initial issue when I start a run? I need to find a solution to morning runs as I run my first organised 10K for MoRunning in Novemeber and don't want this to hinder me.


  • Don't understand why you can't blow your nose?

    You could use a nasal spray as well as the inhaler?

    Don't think wrapping yourself up will help - it is the cold air hitting the lungs that causes the problems - two puffs on a blue inhaler before my run has always worked for me but sometimes use the nasal spray too if a lot of grass/pollen about.

    Allergies - make you sound like a right wuss don't they!!!
  • I blow my nose a lot before I leave the house and am not congested when I start. It all builds up as I am exposed to the cold.

    Which nasal spray do you use.

    And yes it makes you sound like a wuss and yes that is annoying.
  • Can you warm up by running up and down the stairs first. Re: the nose problem, google snot rocket.

  • Worth a try!
  • My asthma took a minor turn for the worse this year and as well as the standard salbutamol inhaler I was prescribed a budesonide one as well. The budesonide prevents the production of excess mucus which often happens with asthma. Seemed to help me quite a bit and I noticed after a few weeks I wasn't coughing up half as much crap on hard runs. Might be worth asking for an asthma review at your GP...

  • Take a backpack... Wear a scarf for the warm up walk to keep you breath warm, dump it in rucksack then start running.

  • I might consider that Steph thanks
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I think runs-with-dogs has a good idea. When was your last check up?

     I normally take a tissue and if there's any crap as i start my run - blow it out and then dump the tissue.

  • Emmy I think I need to remember to pack a tissue or two. I can now I run with a jacket with pockets!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I normally stick them in the band of my tights if I don't have a pocket or in my hand as i'll only use them for the first two miles.

    To be honest - i find Beconase nasal spray and my 'new' inhalers have done me the world of good for sorting out any excess mucus.

  • i didn't fancy the run into work this morning as it was a bit windy and looked cold and overcast outside. but, true to form, within about 10 mins I was stripped down to my tshirt and shorts, sweating like a journo at the leveson inquiry.

  • Thanks to everyone for their help and support.

    I have purchased a winter mock top to see if that helps. I've also had a development regarding my inhalers. Find out more here:
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Keith - is good to hear that the assessment went well. If you can believe it - i was using the same inhaler for over 20 years until I went to another asthma specialist who completely changed the steroids and reliever. I was amazed at the difference in my breathing and asthma whilst out running. Now I'm there every 6 months as clockwork making sure that everything is correct.

    It might also be useful for you to check your peak flow before/ after running to see if that makes a difference
  • I always take tissues with me Keith, as Like you I get a runny nose quite quickly and theres nothing worse than having to sniff it back up all the way through your run.  I have been experiencing the same as you recently with regards to the cold effecting my breathing, I thought at first I had a cold but a friend said it was more likely to be the cold and me not being used to running in that type of weather.  I just did my 1st 10k in Edinburgh at the begining of this month and loved every minute of it, it was REALLY cold and my feet were frozen as there is a lot of hanging about so remember to try and keep your toes wiggiling as running with frozen feet is a weird feeling image, it passes quite quickly though.  I've been looking for cosier clothes aswell as i'm not gunna let the weather put me off, like you theres to much hard work gone into it.

    So, the very best of luck for next month, im wel jelimage, you'll love it, dnt worry about your breathing(this'll just make it worse)just pace yourself and listen to your body and most of all ENJOY it.


    p.s let us know how you got on x

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