Sore Calves DURING run

Hi guys,

First post (wooo!)

I've been suffering from really sore/tight claves during my runs for the last month or so now and it still isn't going away. I've tried doing more stretching and longer warm-ups but there's no difference. I keep having to stop around every 20 mins to stretch my calves, which to be perfectly honest doesn't help much at all. I got myself fitted at Runners Need and so now have some great new trainers that are much better for me (I'm a terrible overpronator) - I thought that the pain would go once i was wearing better shoes/ had worn them in but the ache just won't go!

I've got a 10 mile race on the 20th October (2 weeks). This is my first ever race and I'm relatively new to running (only took it up a few months ago). Do you think that the pain could just be because i'm a newbie and my legs aren't used to it? I've been really gradual in my training (walking/running until i built up to being able to run for 30 mins comfortably). I've been worried about causing any(more?) damage to my calves and so have only been running twice a week (sometimes only once a week).

Do any of you have any advice? I've heard about calf compression socks - would those be good for me? I'm a uni student so can't afford to have a sports massage unfortunately but any tips/advice would be soooo appreciated. I'm really excited about the race but i'm starting to worry that I won't have put enough training in (only up to 7.5 miles so far) because of the pain during the runs.

Cheers guys,

- Susie x 


  • iv had the same issues so got new shoes with a insole modeled to my foot (£47) for it at sweatshop. I have been calf stretches, we worked out my problem is caused by weak glute so lying on floor and lifting my bum up hold and release, also tennis ball under foot. all by my physio i was told. had sports massage 2 weeks before race then got massage on site to warm my calf up before race for £5 donation to their charity and had no issues doing the half last sun with my legs. Still did a rubbish time as got chest infection but hope this may help.

  • Does your uni run physio courses?  If so you may be able to offer yourself as a practice body and get your calves massaged that way. 

    Calf guards/compression socks may help a little but they're not going to release the tight muscles.

  • To  be honest susie (forgive the expression) it sounds to me your wanting to run  before you can walk,

    You say you have only been running for two months,  10 miles is a long way and really you might of needed to train for this a little longer, im sure your doing a great job but be careful, when i started i was the same and had plantar fasciitas, take care. and good luckimage

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