to run or not to run

Last week i did the robin hood half with a bad chest. It turned out i have chest infection. I eventually went to the dr on wednesday and been on strong amoxcillin since but my chest dont seem to be getting any better. I havent ran since sunday and kilo in 3 weeks. I am starting to panic about the lack of training at mo and will i be better by then. my chest actually hurts just doing house work today so a run is out of the question. does anyone know if defer sysytem for it? We still be going london as got hotel booked and activites on the saturday as a family.


  • Contact the race sdirector they will put you right
  • will do on monday

  • been on site and says i can transfer but runners has pay £7 or just loose my money and see how i feel on the day.

  • I'm probably not running this too, also missed Royal Parks Half yesterday.  Now then Lisa, DO NOT RUN WITH A CHEST INFECTION.  I did, not realising how ill I was.  I ended up bedridden for a week, two different lots of antibs, blue fingernails, massive temps the lot.   And I later discovered that, although not common, it is more than possible for it to transfer to heart and KILL YOU.  not worth it.

  • I was told that before I did my half against club advice but took my time. I'm now wondering if it could be asthma. Off back to dr now for second opinion. Club has told me I can help with the beginers tonight if I assist on going. Hope U feeling much better. My partner said he not let me run if im still ill.
  • I think that doing the kilomathon with less than ideal training is safer than running with a chest infection.

    Get thee to bed with medicine and make your partner wait on you hand and foot. You're not getting better because you're not letting your body and the antibiotics do their thing.

    Call in sick, stay in bed and you'll be better in a week and can spend two weeks gradually building your running again. If you really want to do the kilomathon (I don't know how far that is so pardon the ignorance - am guessing 26.2K?) then do it as a training run, go gently and maybe consider run/walk (you could take one minute walk break every mile/2K/whatever works). If you're not better, don't do it!

  • My new diagnosis is bronchitis asthma. My peak flow was that if someone who smokes 60 a day not runs 20-30miles a week. She told me run but always take my inhailor first. So going help at beginners group tonight a 1.5m run and c how I am.
  • That's good to hear Lisa but do take it easy and go cautious.

    I've never been so bloody ill in my life as with that chest inf, breathing was quite taxing enough, running or even standing up was not an option.
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