Insane Terrain Running

Im quite new to running and although I enjoy it, I want to keep it interesting. A friend of mine suggested to do an off road event. Ive searched online and come accross this company called Insane Terrain Running. Has anyone done any of there events or heard about them? I think they are new but not sure. It looks cool but I wasnt sure if I would be fit enough for this type of event?

There website is if anyone has any advice, i'd much appreciate it! 



  • Two words:


    RIP OFF!


    Off road running is great, but not this sort of racket. Find a club organised cross country, trail or fell race. Knowledgeable, friendly volunteers, aimed to please runners nor sponsors, and no obscene profiteering in sight.

  • Thanks! I'll look into it. I kind of like the idea of a doing a mass organised race though, and everyone loves a t shirt at the end? I went to watch my friend run a race organised by a similar company and the atmosphere was great. They clearly had invested some of the money they make into making the race brilliant. Can a club run really be as good as an organised event like this one?
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Does everyone love a t shirt at the end? Not from the people I have spoken to.

    I have done quite a few Club organised races over the past few years and would wholly recommend them. Very well organised and great value.

    I am not a member of a club by the way.
  • Club races are far better, and I've got loads of t shirts I've paid for and never worn
  • The atmosphere at most club races is good, friendly and open. And you don't have to suffer through a stupid, inappropriate,  mass warm up.

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