Halloween Howler 5K Fun Run

Anyone else up for this? I'll be going as an evil zombie owl, got some fake blood ready. It should be fun and a nice social in the pub afterwards!


  • I ran this last year as one of my first few races and it was a great event - really well organised with excellent marshalls and a nice medal at the end.  me and the missus will definitely be there this year and will be dressing up this time - not sure what as yet though...

  • Hi Sonic good to hear you enjoyed it last year. I've not done this one but have run a few Stroke Association events and they're always well organised and fun.

  • Yo, got my skeleton costume at the ready!

  • Have entered - Bear needs a bit more fun in her running calendarimage!

  • Got my race number today. WooooOOoo
  • Two days to go! Costumes ready?

  • I have decided to go as my old wrinkly self - that'll be really scary!

  • Got my skeleton outfit packed and ready to go. Hope they have some saftey pins at the park cos I have nothing to pin my race number on with...

    I feel like my costume could do with some face paint or something to make it stop looking like just a pair of pajamas (what it is basically)

  • I have fake blood but it may not be friendly to sensitive skin!

  • Don't think skeletons have blood, ummm should have packed some black eyeshadow and talcum powder....

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