Spikes for juniors

My son has just joined a local athletics club. He's a keen junior and has attended every training session so far.

He wants to compete in a cross country event in a few weeks time so needs spikes. I've seen cross country spikes and track spikes and am assuming I can buy him one set of shoes and 2 different sizes of spikes which will interchange? 

I am going to buy track shoes as they will be used more often on the track, so any advice on what size of spike to buy for the cross country would be gratefully received and indeed any advice on which shoes... he's 11, growing and currenty a size 3 going on 4, am happy to pick something off ebay as opposed to pay top whack for something he may not wear that often.

Cheers in advance.




  • My son is 10 and runs for a local AC. We bought him some Sub 4 shoes from a local running shop last month. They came with 2 sets of spikes, one for track and one for cross country. They were about ??30 I think. Lots of the other lads at the club have similar ones.
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